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What is Photo Masking In Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop has indeed brought a revolution in the designing world. There are certain techniques in Photoshop that are binding for every Photoshop enthusiast or expert to learn. Photo Masking is one such indubitable technique which is practiced a lot. It allows a designer the ability to clip out required images from a detailed artwork […]

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How to use Lightroom Histogram

What is the histogram A histogram is a lightroom tool that enables the user to understand the shadows, highlights, and other tones of the photos. These are reflected in the form of a graph where the user can determine the contrast and exposure. The changes in the histogram are seen as we move the sliders […]

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Artistic ways of using Adobe Lightroom

The Adobe photoshop Lightroom offers some amazing features which are an absolute delight to the photographer and retoucher. It is most important to connect with the pictures and visualize what changes will make it more artistic and productive. Finally, use the features offered by Adobe Lightroom to give your pictures the magic touch. Smart previews […]

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