Monthly Archives: April 2018

The growing popularity of Photo masking technique

The technique of photomasking has gained huge popularity due to its utility to the fashion, cosmetic and related industries where models have to be showcased impeccably. The areas where photo masking of Photoshop are used extensively are models and animals with flying and fizzy hair, jewelry, items with fuzzy edges like trees, landscape, sun, moon, […]

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How images boost your conversion rates?

The web is full of images of different shapes, sizes, and designs. Photographers have to keep churning out new designs that give a new dimension to photographs. These photos are used for advertising and marketing industries to showcase their products for online selling. Skilled photo experts add designs, textures, and special effects to pictures or […]

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Relation of Ecommerce and Photo Editing

Due to advent of latest technology, E-commerce has become the most popular station. It has achieved immense growth in the shopping section. It is considered as the big revolution which imparts many changes worldwide. People now not to go to buy from shops rather they prefer online shopping. With the changing time, trends have changed […]

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