5 Ultimate Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop

Whereas Photoshop is confer-with, Masking is an indispensible part that comes to a great use. Be it image masking or background masking, both the features have an essential contribution. Mastering in masking by manipulating an image completely is something that creates a differentiation between a neophyte learner and an expert. An expert can mask an object with the background and come up with something invincibly astounding. There are multiple techniques that comes in use while background masking in Photoshop.

Background Masking techniques are used to neatly and persuasively fuse images together. Photoshop is fun software. You can create amazing things. This software is meant to create more authentic and realistic look to an image. You can find plenty of tools that will help you in creating best effects for the imagery.

Wiping out background is an easy task. You can either delete the images or you can simply merge them by using the masking techniques. Masking technique is considered as a better solution according to professional perspective. While deleting, if somehow you took an extra segment while cutting an image, you will have to undo the task a lot of times. This becomes quite taxing.

Anyways, let’s get back to the topic and begin with the awesome techniques that can help you in using masking technique in Photoshop.

The Eraser Tool

Well, sometimes there are areas that we aimlessly erase from the picture. We can only do such a daring in Photoshop when the target area is small and we have the whole picture to play. You can find eraser tool in the tools panels at Photoshop screen. With Eraser tool, you cannot expect much clarity and fine details. It becomes really complex to achieve the results. Also the deletion task that is done by eraser tool is more time consuming. Various features that you can find incorporated with this tool are: opacity, size, hardness, etc. There are various types of brushes that could be used to use the tool. Just make your selection and go for it.

Eraser Tools Background Remove


Magic Eraser Tool

Magic Eraser Tool is one of my favorite tools to remove unwanted areas from the picture. It is quite flexible to use and you can remove segments with a click. Firstly, you need to make some adjustments and settings of the tool to get accurate results. To remove larger areas in one go, you have to increase the tolerance or vice versa. You have to play with the settings according to the requirement of the image and segment that you want. The pitfall of using this tool is that some small pieces of background are always left behind. You can also create a new layer beneath the targeted object and give them bright color that differentiates it with the object.

Using photoshop Magic eraser tool


Magic Wand

The features of magic wand tool are also quite similar with the other tools. You can simply add the selections with the help of one click. The usage of magic wand tool is simple. You don’t have to undo the task to get back what’s gone. While using the tool, there are two keys that come in frequent use: Alt and Shift. Well, take the selection with the help of mouse. Tolerance settings will help you in analyzing the area that can be added in one go. To continue adding more area, press shift and if you want to deselect some portion, you just have to press alt. Make sure you are holding the mouse button while selecting or deselecting additional area. In this way, you can remove the background in few clicks.

by photoshop magic wand tool


Background Eraser Tool

If you are just working on some simple backgrounds, using background eraser tool can prove out to be an easy endeavor. Backgrounds with simple solid colors and nothing complex are best suited for background eraser tool. Suppose there is an image on plain white or any colored background and you want to extract the object from the background, you will easily be able to do the task with the help of background removal tool. When you will click and drag the cursor to the edges, it will automatically keep adding the edges and you can remove unwanted background.


Quick Selection Tool

Now we are going to study the tool called quick selection tool. This one is quite similar to the magic wand tool. The only distinctive feature is that you will not find tolerance here in this tool. Among the set of selection tools, you can find 3 easy options. You can select quick selection from the options. Wherever you will click at the screen, similar area will get selected. To elongate the selection portion, all you have to do is to drag the mouse towards the segments that you want to add in the selection. Just like selection, deselect is also simple. Drag your mouse opposite the area that you wish to deselect while holding alt key from your keyboard. It will automatically deselect the segment that is not required. In this way, you can use this tool to remove background.

using quick selection tool

So, these all are the simple masking techniques that will help you in deleting the background and taking out the object. All these techniques are quite useful in Photoshop and you can add them in your daily usage segment according to the requirements. There are few other things that I would like to share with you guys. Let’s take a look:

  • You don’t necessarily have to delete the background. You can always mask it. By using masking techniques also, you can get required results.
  • It is recommended to use refine edge feature while masking. It will help you out working finely with the edges and make the object look smoother and sharply cut from the whole background.

This is me signing off from the today’s lesson. Photoshop is holding the world in its magic tools and features. You just have to unleash them and see what you can create with your designing sense.

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