8 Mandatory Ways to take Perfect Product Images

Mandatory Ways to take Perfect Product Images

We have been talking a lot about product photography these days and why not, it is the most important part that decides whether you can expect growth in your online business or not. You must have seen at the land store that they embellish their main window. The process is known as visual merchandising. It is undertaken to attract passers-by. They use the best of the articles of their store and try to make them look more appealing with the help of other props. The same is the case with online stores.

The presentation of anything you want to sell has to be elegant. There will be many people who will not even feel the need to check out what you have to offer if your site lacks an impressive presentation. Under the same course of action, it has become profusely imperative to work on the product images. Many online portals such as eBay, Amazon, Pinterest, etc have specified their product photography protocols. If you don’t follow them, you will not be able to associate with these portals.

You must be wondering why Ecommerce product photography is becoming so crucial these days, well, here is the answer:

This is an inevitable fact that online shopping has widened its spectrum to a large extent. Every individual has adopted the trend in their life. Where there is a plethora of advantages of shopping online, there are also certain pitfalls. Unlike land stores, you cannot touch the product, check it from the inside out, and locate any wear and tear (if any) at online stores. You only get to see whatever is displayed on the screen.

In such bewilderment, you definitely want the buyers to satisfy you with a panoramic view of the product so that you can make your decision. Therefore, it is better to make impressive visuals as your selling strength. The second part to satisfy the buyer is the product description which states all the essential features about it. Adept product photography is the only tool to overcome of the hicks of online shopping.

How To Make Product Photography Better?

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the main segment of the article. Here you go:

Add Visual Context

There are multiple products that are sold at the online hub. Every product is sold with a context. You just have to acknowledge the context and use it in your photography. Suppose you are taking images of a laptop, it will be easy as you can simply place it on a platform with white background and take pictures. You can then mention the size and other dimensional details. For products like refrigerators, you need to show them completely, filled and empty. Therefore, for every product type, you need to acknowledge the context and then get on with the work.

Mandatory Tools

Overall, the product photography is a huge task. It could be done with a DIY approach but that will increase post-photography work. A nice camera with every essential setting, tripod, and lighting tool, are some of the mandatory things that you cannot escape. Though, these days mobile cameras are so adept at producing quality pictures that you will be amazed to see the results. So, the tools are quite necessary for a perfect product photography session. Also, it is recommended to hire a photographer for the task and then do it yourself; if you are unsure of whether or not you will be able to do it.

Emphasis on the Background

Usually, the product images are taken on white background. Later at the time of editing, you can add effects and make it appear more natural to the viewers. For PP, flawless background with no horizon is required. It will enhance the look of the product and also there will be no distraction for the viewers. It is hard to capture pictures that don’t require post-editing but at the same time, this is the only magic or photography skill to take pictures that don’t necessarily need any edits.

Product Photoshoot Setup



As mentioned earlier, viewers only rely on what they see. Therefore it becomes even more crucial to show the product with every essential detail. You can add multiple images of the product, showing it from every possible angle. Also, you can create a GIF file of multiple photos and use them for display. A GIF video can also work for the presentation. If you are dealing in products that need close up such as embroidery, zip, buttons, etc then it becomes more imperative to upload images of every possible detail.


All the products that are being traded online have their own product photography requirements. It is essential to be descriptive about the uses of the product and how it will look in action. For instance, there are clothing products. It will be better if you showcase them on a model. You will get a perfect idea of how it will look on you. There are products such as laptops or other electronics that require stationary pictures. You just have to place them on a horizon and grab great pictures. All you need is a plain white background for such a course of action. Therefore, product imagery has to be self-descriptive.


Product on Models body with size


Size Trick

There are many interesting tricks that pursue customer’s to reach out to the products and buy them. While product photography, you need to maintain a balance and click photos in various sizes. This will help customers to understand the site of the product from different angles. Suppose you are taking images of a bag, you need to offer various sizes of the bags in the pictures. For this, the best way is to grab images from distance, less distance, lesser distance, and close up. The photography has to be done in high resolution so that it is non-distorted for the viewers and they can have a perfect look at the product. People usually get annoyed when they don’t find close-up or larger versions of the product. There are some size protocols that you need to learn while the photography session.

Setting up the Product

Setting up of the product also plays a significant role. Every product will possibly have some setting requisites and all these requirements should be closely fulfilled. Suppose you are taking pictures of a clothing item, you first need to check it thoroughly for any kind of wear and tear. If there are any strains then they must be removed immediately. Then you need to iron it properly. Before taking product images, you need to ensure that the product is ready for a photo session. As we are here considering an example of clothes, you need to make sure that the product is in action. This means that it will be better if a model will be wearing the cloth piece. Products like jewelry must also be staged on a real-life model or dummy props. This will also let people understand the accurate look of the product when worn live.


E-commerce is not a casual business. It is a highly professional endeavor therefore; it is to be treated with equal significance. You need to maintain consistency in all your product photographs. You cannot switch backgrounds for the same products. This looks nefarious and people will not like to visit your website. Backgrounds, editing even the tripod settings have to be the same for all products. You need to put extra emphasis on the lighting while taking pictures. It is recommended to save all the settings before signing off the photography session for the day. It will help you in resuming the same settings every time you wish to give the next shot. Consistency not only helps in enhancing the look of the store but it will also help in making comparisons.

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