A List Of Tradesy Community Guidelines

Tradesy Community Guideline for Photos


Tradesy as you know is the fastest and fun platform to sell clothes. The members that get associated with the brand are expected to abide by the community policies of the brand. The rules are intended to be followed by all the members. The only way to make Tradesy the best marketplace for buyers and sellers, you got to follow these set of guidelines. These standards are listed in order to creating a vigorous, delightful and creative way to sell and purchase. Alright, let’s now head towards the guidelines that I have stated below:

  1. The products that are to be featured at Tradesy should be authentic and non repeated merchandise. Furthermore, the listing should be detailed and include all the necessary information about the products. The description of the product should be very accurate and clear condition of the product should be mentioned, without any hidden aspects.
  2. The members are instructed to be spontaneous in sending replies to any of the queries or messages sent by other Tradesy members.
  3. All the terms and conditions mentioned at website are matter of concern for the associate parties. These are to be abided by in all circumstances.
  4. It is recommended to keep all sort of interaction with the customer on Tradesy. The communication might include shopping experience of customers and many other things. Any other kind of information given or taken by customers will not be eligible for protection in any circumstances. You are also requested to avoid sending any sort of personal information that might include email id, phone number, address, link of other websites. If any such message comes in ado, bothering the policies of Tradesy, it will not be sent to the recipient. The delays in the message can cause you further loss in making the deal.
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