Allow Pinterest to Sell for You: Create a Perfect Pin-Board

Create a Perfect Pin-Board

Social Media has opened a gateway for many types of product promotions. We keep scribbling content and then share it on various SM portals. All this is done in order to attract customers and make them buy what you are offering. Other than content promotion, we also have a choice to make called “Pinterest”. This site helps you to create promotion boards and submit them to Pinterest.

Undeniably, pictures are a lot more helpful than content. People see the product that fascinates them and visit your website for purchase. At Pinterest, all that matter is the presentation of your board. With your artistic skills of creating a presentable pin, you can easily draw a lot of customers to your website and make them purchase your products.

Differentiating between Product Image and a PIN

Pinterest is not all about uploading your product images. You need to put on a lot more hard work if you earnestly need to entice the watcher. Adding quality pictures on complementing backgrounds, accompanied by striking content, this is how to prepare a Pin.

Product Image is the thing that will strike the iron so you need to be very selective while putting on the images at Pinterest. There are certain ways that can help you in creating a magnificent pin that has the ability to draw customers to your website.

5 Ways to take best advantage of Pinterest by using your Images

The Pin should be so crafted that it is worth sharing with others. There are certain measures that you must consider while using your pictures on Pinterest. In this article, I would like to enlighten you about these amazing ways.

  • Extra Emphasis on the Background: Tidy and clean background can work like a wonder to your pin. It is important to make your product the only piece of attraction on the pin. If you are using some fancy or messy background, it will engross customer with other things. Make sure that you are using a plain background, preferably in pastels in order to outshine your product to the maximum. According to statistical scenarios, products with neat and tidy backgrounds are more shared on Pinterest than others.
  • Guidelines are Significant: Every Social Media platform has certain image guidelines to be followed. If you wish to create successful pins, you need to comply with these predefined set of rules made by Pinterest. You can find all essential image measures at Pinterest only. I would just like to add that make sure that your pin is small in size i.e. Image size should be less than 10 MB. If you happen to use heavy images, there is lot possibility for your pin to be dismissed by the customer without getting opened.
  • Consistency Works: You might need to add thousands of Pins on the board and it will look awful if there will be no consistency in your pins. You need to make sure that all your pins look alike. It will give sophisticated appearance to your board.
  • Dazzle with the Hues: E-Commerce portals are constrained to use certain kind of colors for the presentation if their images. People are so bored from the similar presentation of product image that they want something cooler at Pinterest. It is my piece of advice to you guys to try different colors for your images. Make sure that colors complement your product nicely and it doesn’t look to be added forcefully on the pin. Play with the hues and use right color for delightful presentation. For the professional look of the pin, you can use Grey card.
  • Timely Posting: After creating your pin, another contributing factor for super sales is to post and repost your pin in timely manner. You need to have great time sense in order to reach maximum customers. For this, you can also refer “Optimum Timing for Social Post” chart.

So here I assume that I have enlightened you about 5 finest ways to create the most eye-pleasing pin and use it to magnify the array of your sales.

Social Media is like an ocean of online marketing opportunities. It can lead you to a success ground if you know the right portal to tag up. Happy Pinning!

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