Attract Visitors towards your Brand with Tumblr

Attract Visitors towards your Brand with Tumblr

With the growing popularity of online sector, it has become essential to maintain the online presence as well. You might have read about advertising through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google Plus etc. But have ever read something about Tumblr? It can be a great platform to boost your website and create brand awareness among a wider audience.

Around 550 million users are connected with Tumblr and share unlimited number of blogs and content. For online marketing activities, Tumblr can be your number 1 choice if you know how to use it effectively. Because the online trends have changed with fast pace, the major focus of the viewers is on the visual means. Business owners have made it a strategy to enhance their websites through this appealing channel that serves as an eye candy for the youngsters and teens.

On Tumblr, one can put the pictures and videos of the products they have bought which make it the choicest platform for online shoppers. People can view the product images to decide whether or not to buy a particular product from the respective website. Some pictures are so inspiring that we immediately want to buy stuff presented in that image. It happens, it does!

How to Create Engagement?

To create engagement in the Tumblr account, you can run online contests and events. People get lured with the offers and contests and visit your account instantly. Create special offers and coupon discounts to avail the real perks of Tumblr.

Also, to make your own space in the search engines, Tumblr can be of great help. Many types of content can be shared through this platform that moves your site or page in the top rankings in Google. Isn’t it a great platform to reach more people and create better clientele?

Preferred Niches for Tumblr

Tumblr is a great channel, no doubt but it works wonderfully for only few niches i.e.




Men and women fashion

Household goods and

Automotive items

If you have one of these stores, Tumblr is capable to give you the desired success rate in less than the expected time.

Tumblr for Brand Awareness

Before getting sales orders, it is important to create brand awareness among people to let them know your worth and value. The most important aim of every brand or company is to gain users’ attention and enhance their visibility to get organic orders without any paid links. It is possible though. If you have a huge network of friends, ask them to promote your brand on their social accounts. In order for a brand to attain the natural visibility, the strategy is to create awareness first. Here Tumblr lets you do that by being the best network to reach the potential online audience.

Customizable Layout

Unlike other social media channels, Tumblr allows you to change the theme of the page from its default themes. Say goodbye to the boring layout and apply a new theme. Add custom links, change colors backgrounds and navigation etc. to give the whole page a new feel.

Got bored with that monotonous blue theme? No worries! Switch to another theme and make the page look exceptionally different. This feature keeps your viewers engaged for longer time as and when they visit your page, they get to see a new layout.

So this is all about Tumblr that you need to know!

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