Bird Photography Tips

Bird photography is the one of the most strenuous and tough going photography depending more on the quickness, luck and practice of the photographer rather than on the knowledge of the rules and procedure of the getting the perfect shots. The subject in this photography is no doubt very fascinating but also celebrated as the most technical ones. This type of photography lays two must know bumps that is dealing with the fast movement of the bird and on the other hand dealing with the bright sky which is behind them. Shooting the photographs of the small birds is really very backbreaker because of their speed. The birds of some prey even pose more challenges to the photographer. You literally need wise planning, ready and perfect photo gear, and lot of experience to fall success in your foot otherwise it is going to be the testy task for yourself. You can take the help of the below given tips to capture the images of the birds professionally and to make your task effortless to some extent. Read them below

Prepare your camera

The first and most important thing to be considered is that you must have to prepare your camera with which you are going to shoot the birds. The advisable option is fast and speedy camera having the shutter speed of at least 1/2000 and can handle the 6 to 9 frames per second. If are not having this type of camera that there are fair chances of losing the opportunity because they are not fast as required for the purpose. You have also to concentrate more on focal acquisition speed of both lens and the camera and that is more relevant than DSLRs frame per second.

Find your subject

After preparing the camera change your focus and engage yourself in locating the birds that is your main subjects. This is the challenging task. Here the suggestion is to locate the common birds like sparrows, fiches, robins etc. These birds are used to the people and you will easily photograph them and capture their lovely poses into the frame. The best time for bird photography is morning time when the birds go out in search of food so try to locate them at that time. You will truly get great shots and the last tip for this point is shoot the birds doing some activity like eating ,flying, sitting on the benches etc. that will look more adorable and gives you the best shots.

Approaching birds

This point will train you about how to approach birds when they get scared from you and flies away. The birds have the powerful vision and they will for sure see you first than you see them and when you go closer towards them they will get scared and fly away. This is not easy and therefore the bird photography is considered as the back-breaker task. Follow these techniques through which you can easily approach the birds. These tips will help you in impending them readily.

Always try to wear the clothes in light colours and not in the bright colours and most importantly try to compose with the environment as much as you can.

Have patience and be very silent while capturing the shot. Your sudden moment and noise will scare the bird and you will not be able to get the short and will miss the opportunity.

The next important tip is while approaching do not make sudden contact with the bird because that may scare the birds and they take it as threat to them. This mistake will spoil your favourable circumstances so be careful.

Try to capture the shot when the bird is busy in doing some activity that will be the best time for the shot and do not miss that shot.


Cropping has the big role to play if you are considering the bird photographs to come out in the perfect manner. You have to do it in the careful way and suppose if you photograph the bird from the distance then you have to resize it to smaller resolution and it will make the bird look too tiny for the web.


Light room and the photo-shop are great software that is used in post processing. You almost have to spend 90-95% of the time in post processing to achieve best results in the form of the images of the birds.

Photographing bird will be your fun experience if you follow these tips for the bird photography.



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