Image Masking

The growing popularity of Photo masking technique

The technique of photomasking has gained huge popularity due to its utility to the fashion, cosmetic and related industries where models have to be showcased impeccably. The areas where photo masking of Photoshop are used extensively are models and animals with flying and fizzy hair, jewelry, items with fuzzy edges like trees, landscape, sun, moon, […]

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What is Photo Masking In Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop has indeed brought a revolution in the designing world. There are certain techniques in Photoshop that are binding for every Photoshop enthusiast or expert to learn. Photo Masking is one such indubitable technique which is practiced a lot. It allows a designer the ability to clip out required images from a detailed artwork […]

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5 Ultimate Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop

Whereas Photoshop is confer-with, Masking is an indispensible part that comes to a great use. Be it image masking or background masking, both the features have an essential contribution. Mastering in masking by manipulating an image completely is something that creates a differentiation between a neophyte learner and an expert. An expert can mask an […]

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