Photoshop Effect

Photoshop Has Changed the Way Photos Are Created

Photoshop is a revolutionary change that photography industry has seen in the past few years. Versatility and innovation are two things that Photoshop offers to every user and because of that, stunning images can be created. A lot of tools are there in Photoshop which are used in combination to create masterpieces. The tools, features, […]

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How To Influence Your Sales With Product Shadow?

E-commerce is all about making your product look awesomely appealing and give a boost to the sales. Image a customer who is relying on a picture at least deserves to have a pleasant view of the product. Reflection shadows is a sure-shot stunt that can add a kink to the appeal of the product completely. […]

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Essential Post Processing Photoshop Tips: A Quick Follow Up

Post Processing- What exactly does this term defines itself? As far as I understand, it means to edit a picture and translate it into a perfect imagery. Many software these days are used for post processing but the ones that have made a permanent resident in every designer’s computer are Photoshop and Lightroom. You can […]

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