Color Correct the Images in Lightroom for Web Use

Taking a business to a new level is not everyone’s cup of tea and one needs to spend a lot of time, efforts and money to get the spot right. If you want to earn good amount of money via your online business, you must consider color correcting the images that you are going to upload on the web. Since the audience is pretty interested in looking at the best pictures, your work is to showcase the perfect imagery to keep them hooked.

During the photoshoot, many things go unnoticed which leads to bad colored images. No matter how careful you are, there is always a mistake which needs to be improved in the post production phase. Correcting the colors is never a complex task and can be done properly with the use of right software and tools. Adobe Lightroom is one such software that speeds up your photography editing workflow and delivers the beautiful images with proper colors, size and tone.

Since Lightroom is a product of Adobe, you can expect some real wonderful results. Let’s get started with this step by step guide. Here are the steps to color correct the images in Adobe Lightroom:

Organize the Images

Put all the RAW files from the camera to a single folder on your computer in order to keep them organized. It is because, we will do batch processing and so you should put the similar lighting photographs in an organized manner for easy adjustments.

Import the Images

Now import all the added images into a session in Lightroom. To do that, open Lightroom, go to File>Import Photos and Video and then use the source panel to find the image folder. Next, use the Add button and select all and lastly, click Import.

Adjust the Image

Now to color correct a single image, choose Develop from the top right of the frame where you will see the buttons i.e. Library, develop, map, book, slideshow, print and web. After importing the files, they are in the library so you can do the adjustments on the picture you want to. Once done, it is easy to apply the same adjustments to all other images as well.

Once the image is selected for the adjustments, click Develop and a panel will appear with a bunch of tabs on the right side. Here, you can make the edits by using the primary tab and another tab called basics. Now is the time to do color correction like contrast, white balance, exposure etc.

Do the necessary changes like white balance, modify the exposure if it’s not correct and adjust the contrast of the image to highlight light and dark.

Do Batch Processing

Once you have adjusted the first image, you should then apply the same adjustments to all the images. For that, select all the images from the film strip at the screen bottom. From the bottom right of the tools panel, click the sync button. Now select the adjustments you want to apply from the pop up window. Click on Synchronize and wait until Lightroom performs the adjustments as it goes through each image.

Export Final Pictures

Now export the final images back to the computer by navigating to File>Export. Save it anywhere you want in your computer for easy access.

And that’s all! If you want to give any color correction tips, write them in the comment section!

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