A Detailed Overview of Image Optimization for Web

A picture is worth a thousand words and can do real wonders which text cannot. One of the main reasons why images are important for ecommerce is that the images are the only thing which keeps the viewers hooked. With the customers’ inability to hold the product, the product images must look very tempting and attractive. But work on the genuineness also!

The customers rely heavily on the color, size, shape and quality of the product before buying it. Being an ecommerce owner, you can take it as an advantage by showing beautiful images which act as a storyteller. For the ecommerce websites, it is essential to have high definition images. Are the images quality or high resolution? To attract the viewers into buying your products, you have to show them the crisp and optimized images.

Not having optimized images on the site means exploring a store with hundreds of garments of different sizes and shapes. Do you want to offer such an experience to the customers? To create a good website, optimize the images before uploading them on the site. Follow this tutorial if you are thinking of creating your own online portal:

Image Types

The most common image types are JPG, PNG and GIF files. All three of these are quality types and deliver excellent viewing experience. For the web, JPG is great as it has a huge color palette to work with and also you can offer the quality your customers want. PNGs have higher quality than JPG as they are transparent without any background. For the ecommerce portals, PNG format is usually used for logos because the logos have to look appealing.

Save the Images in Right Size

Optimizing the images for web is not that hard when you know the right size while saving them. Do you know why the sites load slowly? It is because the image size is much larger than required. Always make sure to save the image in smaller size i.e. KBs or few MBs. A properly optimized webpage loads in under 2 seconds and if it takes more time, the users jump back.


Before uploading the image to the portal, the dimensions of the image must be at 100%. Open all the images at 100% to view the image at exact size so when the viewers open the image on web, it look perfect.

Compress Images

Image compression is most important to reduce the file size. In order to remove the hidden data of the images, you should definitely compress the images. Photoshop is one way with which you can reduce the file sizes without losing the quality of the images.


To sum it up, Photoshop is wonderful software that has the capability to optimize the images for web. Because the photos need to be eye catching to the viewers, image optimization holds great importance. Only with the optimization, you can create beautiful images because if the images are appealing but not optimized, Google will observe that and it will impact the SEO ranking of your site. So optimize the images and deliver a pleasant viewing experience to the visitors to turn them into customers.


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