Dig Deep in Amazon Product Image Requirements for Synonymous and Effective Presentation

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Speaking of AMAZON, what is the first thing to come to your mind? A super online store, answer to all your shopping requirements, a flawless online trader with a bag pack of exclusive product types, the fine platform for retailers to market and sell their products online? Is that something that comes to your mind at first? These are most common answers that you get on thinking about Amazon. It is the largest and leading E-Trade platform around the globe that is hawking online market.

If you are a novice e-trader, planning to become an affiliate with Amazon, there are multiple things that you need to keep under consideration. Every e-commerce platform shares a specific set of guidelines for product image in order to maintain a synonymous presentation of their site. This also helps in enhancing customer shopping experience.

Tip of Caution for Neophytes: Make sure that you comply with all the product Image guidelines because if you won’t you will be kicked out of the platform in no time.

The complexity begins when you find that every platform is sharing different guidelines. It is difficult to keep up with the latest trends. You will not receive an email in your mailbox, enlightening you about the changes in the scenario. So, for complete information about changing trends you can check out our blogs at cutoutimage.com, just stay connected.

Some of the preliminary guidelines of Amazon Product Image are mentioned below; help yourself in learning the part:

  • Images with any kind of borders, logos, content, watermark and mannequins are not considered as adequate for upload.
  • The size of the image must be considered as allowed dimensions are 2560×1001 pixels as for the apparels and 2560×500 pixels for other product types.
  • 85% of the frame must be occupied with the product itself
  • No colored backgrounds are allowed. Sellers will have to use White as the only background color.

Here is the recent update chart of Amazon product image guidelines:

Lately, we have discovered that there are some variations in Jewelry Product image guidelines where you can use dimensions of an image as 1001×2100 pixels. Zoom activation up to 1000 pixels is allowed.

It is necessary to comply with all the above-mentioned guidelines if you want an unremitting business flow at Amazon. Nonconformity with the rules can create nasty hurdles in your way so I would recommend that it is better to go with the flow. Follow these simple rules and dazzle with awesome sales at Amazon.

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