Discover the Vigorous New Features of Photoshop Version 13

Photoshop 13 New Features

Since 1990, the year of the launch of Adobe Photoshop, this software has come across many updates and served innovations. Every new version of Photoshop welcomed epic new features that simplified the usage and made it more interesting and resourceful. Currently we are using the 13th version of Photoshop that is finely encapsulated with amazing new features and upgrades. These features are enticing every eye. Whether you are a newbie Photoshop learner or a professional in web designing or photography, you would love to add these astounding features to your Photoshop knowledge book.

This article revolves around 3 of the major additions in PS. There are many noteworthy upgrades that you would love to learn about. This article will give you an insight about the latest elements and for the detailed knowledge; you can always refer a complete course of training for PS element 13. You can find remarkable books in the market written by some of the adept players in Photoshop designing.

Let’s dig some more for the 3 influential additions of PS Element 13:

Crop Suggestions:

Well, this is the first addition in Element 13 of Photoshop. This tool is available to bring forth 4 suggestions about cropping of the image. You can then select the option that can lead to most professional results. It is completely in user’s hand whether he wants to select any of the suggested option or just want to deny the recommendations and go for his personal choice of cropping.

Photoshop Crop Technique


The usage of this tool is quite simple. Simply open any image while trying out the tool. Click the crop button from the option bar and as a result, you will see four thumbnails that will instantly appear on the screen. These thumbnails are the suggested cropping options that you can check out and select as per your requirement.

Quick Mode Effect:

The version of Photoshop has been extended into many further sub niches. Everything is fashioned with amazing new subtitle. For example, now you can enjoy 4 variations of most desired effects for a 50 one-click enhancement. On using the expert mode, the effect will appear on a duplicate layer, fulfilled with layer mask. It will allow you to hide the effect from any part of the image and display it wherever required. This addition is of a great use for people that like experimenting with effects and filters on the images in PS.

Create effect in photoshp

Photo Merge Panorama:

Well, the feature of Photo Merge Panorama will allow you to club multiple pictures together in one image. You can use multiple images say landscape scenes in numerous pieces and use them to create a panoramic view in an image. All the corners are easily filled in by this feature. You can find the feature by going to the file menu. Click at Automate and then go to Photo-merge function.  On selecting the images of your likeliness, you can merge them and use blending options for further enrichment of the image.

Panorama - Merging Images

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