E-commerce Photography – Tips and Tricks

The first rule for e-commerce website is to sell pictures before selling the product. If you are an online marketer then you surely have to first sell the pictures to the customers of the related products that are the only medium of online communication with the customers. The images of the product first talk to the customers and attract them to the product so it is very important to make them standout in order to boost up the sales of the product. Customers has only medium to feel, experience the product that is product images which is the most popular limitation of online selling that customer does not get the opportunity to take the product in hands and experience that as they do in offline stores. To transform your number of visitations you really have to worry to make your product pictures a big success and for that there are some e-commerce product photography tips that can make your images looks appealing and the tempting for the customer and that are also able to make your website visitors your customers forever. Follow these tips to make your dream true.


To make the product images look better prefer to have clean and white background for displaying your products to the customers. Remember to use the same background for every product so that the sense of consistency is derived from the images that you are using to your display your product and it also gives the feel of the same brand to the customers which also favour your marketing efforts.


Show the product in respect of the surroundings notably where the size of the products matters a lot for the customer. The one who is not looking to this point may lose their customers. For the products like bed sheets it is mandatory to display the full size by displaying properly the size of the bed.


Relevant props must be used with the product to make them even more attractive for the customers. Props may be used or not depends upon the nature of the product. Use the props that add the beauty of the product, but mind that props must not be like that, that shifts the focus of the viewer. Displaying cloths on model or by using mannequin will be good idea but it when jewellery is used with them it can shift the focus of the customer from the main product.


To make your product photography superior, you can also relate the product images with emotions and can express some values like family values and moral values through it. It will surely captivate the customers and they quickly get attracted towards the product.


Other important aspect to be kept in mind is the size of the images which must not be too small or not be too large. It must be appropriate according to the requirements of the website and also from the point of view of the clarity and resolution.


Showing videos of the complicated product will be the awesome idea as it will let the customer understand the usage of the product and also ensures that they must see the video once having more demand than images.


Preparing the product for the photo shoot is like preparing the model for the same. You have to put the efforts to make it look clean, tidy and having the bright and simple background. Overall the product must look presentable in the images.

Many Angles

The most significant way to make your product images likes by all. You must have to show all the angles of the product to enable the customer to see all the sides and angles of the product in order to take the purchase decision.


Above are the few tips through which you easily can improvise your product photography serving the needs of your qualified e-commerce websites and are capable to captivate your customers to make the buy decision.


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