Enhance your Photos with Text Effect Applications

Everything in the online world is all about the pictures. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social networking application, photos hold a major importance. Social networking apps keep the friends, families and colleagues together with daily posts and pictures. While all these apps help the user to edit their photos before uploading to add an appealing factor so as to attract more people.

No application is that great to provide all the basic photo editing features, so here I bring you few text effect apps that you can use to add appealing text on your pictures. These text effect apps have the features like 3D, adding shadows and gradients etc. Check out:

Font Studio

Font Studio app is free and available on Android and iPhone which allows the users to add text to the photos. It is an excellent application that has a huge collection of fonts which you can use for wonderful typography effects. Above all, it is free to download and also gives you the option to add drop shadows, colored text and much more. The only thing I dislike is the advertisements in this app but it is absolutely fine when the images come out without watermarks which other apps usually add. Also, the images are in square so if you can crop the final image in another app, it would be perfect.

Verba 3D

This application is available on iPhone and has free as well as paid upgrades. To add 3D text effect to the images, Verba 3D is just the right thing. Rotate, scale, locate, add color and depth in the text with the 3D elements to make your text look extremely stunning. Also, it adds watermark to the images so you might have to go for in-app purchases to unlock more features.


Available on iPhone, Android and iPad, Piclab is a great application with focus on text overlays. It is a free app with paid upgrades and if you want to create something really exceptional, this one will be your choice. Type your own text and choose from a list of fonts. Other than that, add brush fonts and extra filters but these are available in paid upgrades. So are you going to download this app?


This application is for Instagram users and is available for $0.99 on iPhone and iPad. It is equipped with 50 premade text effects and quite a lot of frames and stickers. Are you the one who is not free to add custom effects? This app is for you as you don’t have to mess around with that and just apply premade text effects to come up with nice results.


Yet another one to add text effects on the pictures in PicSee. This application is well suited to those who are fond of photo editing using various features and text effect is one of those. Since it has excellent features like gradient, color, pattern fills, text rotation, curving text, it is the favourite app for many. I recommend this text effect app because it also has premade styles to pair the fonts and hand drawn art.


So that was all about the text effect apps that are good to edit the photos. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, these apps work wonders in enhancing your pictures. To create nice images, you do not need complex photo editing apps.

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