Explore the Dos and Don’ts of Footwear Product Photography

To create a positive online shopping experience, product photography holds a major important. Since the success of ecommerce portal relies on the quality images, it is necessary to style and create beautiful product pictures. Lighting and background of the photos transform the potential customers into regular ones.

Today I am here to let you explore the dos and don’ts of footwear photography which will help in taking your photography to an advanced level. Follow these tips and create nice footwear product images to make your portal look professional.

Style the Footwear

Styling of the footwear is really important to convey accurate information to the viewers. Lifeless footwear is misleading and people don’t like seeing such product photos. The pictures should be so appealing that the customers can visualize wearing the footwear. Position the pair to look like it’s being worn by someone.


Cluttered backgrounds are a big no for product photography. A busy and messy background pushes the viewers away as they cannot focus on the product rather the background keeps them distracted. Go for white or plain backgrounds to catch the attention towards the product.


Lighting plays a major role in highlighting the products in an enhanced way. To showcase the critical parts of product photography, you need to set up proper lighting. The product will look appealing only if the lighting is natural and not casting any harsh shadows. Direct lighting that casts shadows is the worst when it comes to product photography.

Soft lighting is the best as it diffuses the sunlight and brings naturally beautiful results. It also gives more control over the images and you can improve the overall appearance of your product page.

No Blurry Pictures

Lack of focus can lead to blurry shots which ruin the product photography. In footwear product photography, soft focus must be there to give an artistic feel to the images. The less the focus, the less your customers will see the product. Also, to keep the images crystal clear, you can use tripod or else the pictures will look shaky due to shaky camera and the viewers will lose focus.

Angles are Important

Too few angles of a product image will definitely push the customers away. For ecommerce footwear product photography, it is extremely essential to display different angles of the product. Because people cannot take the product in hand to see the details, showing various angles help them decide whether or not to buy the product. Honestly, I never buy from any such site which doesn’t have the back and side angles as I cannot take a right decision with just the front angle.


Keep experimenting with these tips until you get that perfect shot. By following these, you are definitely going to achieve clean and uncluttered footwear product photography. With all things right i.e. background, lighting, focus, angles and post production processing, it is quite easy to sell your products.

Have a good day!

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