All You Need To Know About Flat Lay Clothing Photography

All You Need To Know About Flat Lay Clothing Photography

As an E-commerce business holder, you can’t expect high sales without an eye-catchy photo that can attract a potential customer to buy a product. So, when you click a picture of clothing for your online business, you want to make it the best.  But you don’t know how to do it. Well, let me tell you, for clothing branding online, you can apply Flat Lay Clothing Photography. Today, I will share my blog’s pros and cons of Flat Lay Clothing Photography. So let’s start to learn. 

What Is Flat Lay Clothing Photography

Flat Lay Photography came from the traditional photography style named photogram. It has become popular since 2020 for creativity and the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone has to work from home. It is one of the most up-to-the-minute and handy ways to snap your clothing items online, especially on social media. 

Flat Lay Clothing Photography creates a bird’s eye view by putting clothes on a flat surface, making necessary arrangements to generate a creative presentation, and clicking the photo above, focusing on the cloth. 

Typically, consistent soft light is applied to construct unique flat-lay photography where the soft light defines the shining and clear light without shadow. This light highlights the contours and attributes of things. 

Flat lay photography is artwork that can reinforce to construct appeal and sell clothing things in double-quick time. Many e-commerce enterprises prefer this style for eCommerce product photos to present their clothing products.

It’s all about the presentation. That should be creative. Another inseparable part of flat-lay clothing photography is the image post-production service, without which you can’t make the photo appealing since there might be many issues to solve. You might need a professional Photo Editing Service to get a perfect picture. 

Mainspring for Flat Lay Clothing Photography 

Flat-lay clothing photography constructs a panorama presenting the clothing items with other accessories. As a result, it is more stylish photography than any other category in social media, especially on Instagram. 

In applying flat-lay clothing photography, you will access a universal approach to showcase multiple products in a single frame. 

It’s affordable product photography for an E-commerce sales strategy that promotes the business promptly.

Whether it’s an Instagram or a for your website, creative and strategic Flat Lay Clothing Photography can benefit you adequately. Applying this innovative photography, an online business holder can grab the customer’s Attention through your sales panel. In addition, flat-lay product pictures push the buyers to consider and make a quick buying decision. 

A picture is a storyteller, so you can apply this method of photography to visualize a story that may also create interest among the customers to check the details of the product and influence them to buy it. 

Unfortunately, only clicking photos and keeping clothes and other things on the floor alone can’t make the photo outstanding. To make it appealing, you need to use different photo editing services. Only the professionals like Cut Out Image can ensure you a fantastic shot by using their dab hand. 

How Does It Stand Out From Other Types of Photography

You can’t consider flat-lay clothing photography as other photographs since they are different, like chalk and cheese.

In plain English, flat-lay photography captures a photo from above where the subject is put on any table or floor surface and presented with other accessories. The captured image provides a bird’s eye view. 

Like other photography, no angles are focused in this photography. Instead, a parallel balance between the background and the lens is kept.

Similar to other photography, it is done for promotional purposes, but it is more popular on social media, especially Instagram. 

Other photography displays and emphasizes a single product, but you can showcase multiple products in a single frame with this photography. 

How to take the best Flat Lay Clothing Photography?

Flat Lay Clothing Photography is an exceptional strategy for attire exhibitions online. However, it demands a few techniques with essential preparation. Let’s know them to create a successful Flat Lay Clothing Photography. 

#1. Arrange the Creative Surface:

The most important thing to creating flat-lay clothing photography is the background on which you will display the cloth. It sweetens the photo and draws the attention of spectators. Decorate the surface according to the theme you are planning. You can make the background more appealing by utilizing numerous coatings like various colorings and props. 

#2. Set the Camera: 

A good photographer doesn’t bring the camera and click only to generate a photo. Instead, he adjusts the initial settings before photography to get a good vibe photo. Therefore, you must also set the camera before jumping into photography. For example, for clothing photography, fix the aperture within f/8 and f/11, Shutter speed almost 1/125, and ISO sensitivity within 400 to 800

Since the flat lay photography’s main attribute is the bird’s eye view, you need to capture from the above, but it may create a shaky result without any support. That’s why you should use a tripod that will benefit height and remove shakiness. 

#3. Consider Lighting Closely: 

You can’t imagine a photograph visualizing any subject without light. So, it is an essential element in photography.

You can employ light from different sources, like natural or artificial. For example, natural light can give a warm view, whereas shadow light makes a moody view. 

#4. Map Out a Piece of Idea: 

The primary segment of an attractive flat-lay photograph is computing a concept to visualize the products. You can take inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest for different product layout ideas, from simple to complex. You can bookmark the layout you like from the mentioned platform. When you. Once you gather a considerable amount of concepts, pick a few of them to construct with your clothing product. Whatever idea you select, always focus on the fact that the viewers are attracted to the display pattern.

#5. Hook-Up Corresponding Props:

Props are paramount for a beautiful photograph that emphasizes the subject adding texture. It’s an indispensable item of flat-lay clothing photography. You can choose any props pivoting on the concept you want to visualize, like jewelry, candles, fairy lights, papercraft, shoes, coffee or tea cups, books, make-up accessories, or any other objects you feel can add beauty to your capture. In addition, you can add life to your photo by adding plants or flowers as props. However, it would be best if you kept an eye on the fact that the props don’t get as much attention as the main subject. 

#6. Make Ready Your Clothing Products: 

A master plan fails to generate the expected result without proper preparation. So, before you go for other arrangements for Flat Lay Clothing Photography, you should prepare the cloth you will shoot. A time saves nine. Do you know how long it takes photographers to edit photos? Good preparation can save you time on photo editing. 

#7. Call Attention to the Details: 

Always focus on the actual design so that customers can understand the cloth-like features, whether soft or hard, zipped or buttoned. That’s why focus on the stitch, material, price tag, designs, etc., your customer might consider before buying. You can facilitate a zoom view option so the customer can analyze the facts correctly.

#8. Construct a story look: 

A picture expresses a thousand words telling a story. Try to create that vibe through your Flat Lay Clothing Photography. It is the key to creating a stunning flat-lay photo. Plan before you execute. Construct a story and visualize it with clothing and related accessories.

For example, if your clothing item is an office outfit and you want to construct the work theme, you can add a laptop, watch, phone, notepad, pen, coffee mug, etc. Add those creatively. 

#9. Capture From the Overhead: 

A flat-lay photo offers a bird’s eye view. Therefore, you must capture the image from the above. You can utilize a ladder, chair, drone, or tripod to create that view. A tripod will be the best solution since it can eradicate the shaking vibe and is affordable. 

#10. Involve Numerous Attempts: 

You can’t expect to click and upload online because clicking a perfect shot is rarely possible. So, it would be best if you took multiple attempts for a single theme to achieve an authentic vibe. 

#11. Employ Image Post-Production: 

Even using a high-resolution camera can’t help you achieve a hundred percent perfect photo until you apply the image post-production service. For example, as mentioned earlier, you must take multiple shots to ensure a stunning picture, and after that, you must do culling before the move for editing. What does culling mean in photography? Check my previous blog on this if you don’t know. After culling, you must beautify the photo by removing all the unwanted objects, balancing the exposure saturation, etc., which falls under different photo editing processes. It takes a long time to edit photos and demands high proficiency to create an eye-catching one that only a professional can ensure. 

So far, in this blog, I have discussed all the details regarding Flat Lay Clothing Photography. You have been brainstorming about capturing such photos for your clothing items. If still, you feel it’s problematic, you can contact professional photographers. You can read my blog on How to Ask a Photographer for Prices before knocking them. If you can capture but face problems in editing the photo, you can contact Cut Out Image for an affordable image post-production service.

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