Ghost Mannequin for Ecommerce Product Photography – Beneficial in Many Ways

To give the products 3D appearance and realistic feel, ghost mannequin technique comes in handy. It is also invisible mannequin technique which gives a hollow man effect and is useful for jeans, jackets, tops, blazers and other garments that need to have a person inside them. Any garment that is placed randomly doesn’t appeal the viewers as they cannot get an idea of the fit and shape. So to maintain style, bigger brands adopt the ghost mannequin photography method.

Bring your clothes or garments to life using ghost mannequin, check out the tools here:

Camera: It is the most important equipment without which you cannot capture anything. A Canon or Nikon high definition camera will work great for professional ghost mannequin product photography.

Ghost Mannequin: Second important thing is the ghost mannequin with removable chest and arms. You can take invisible product shots after removing the pieces individually.

Lighting: LED lighting is the best when it comes to ghost mannequin photography. It is essential to shed proper light on the product so as to get the beautiful shots. Set up studio lighting with LED lamps and then start capturing the pictures.

Clothes: Last thing without which ghost mannequin technique is incomplete is the garments and clothes. For this photography, shirts, jackets, coats, blazers and dresses etc. are considered to get mind blowing results.

Now, dressing the mannequin comes next. For that, look for the right apparel and make the model wear it. Make sure that the stitches and seams line up nicely and the garment is properly ironed. If you feel that the garment is not fitting properly, use the styling clips or pins to adjust the things. Now the last thing to do is set up the lighting for the right exposure. Set up the lens properly and take the shots with proper lighting. Zoom in the product and capture it using your creative skills. Offer the customers what they want to see and earn them for lifetime.

Tips to Consider

If the clothes are big for the mannequin, use a pin to hold the garment tightly at the back to show the right fit of the product to the viewer. It will give you a nice control over the garment as well as the mannequin.

You can also use paper to stuff the areas that are not required in the shot. It is suggested to keep the clothes ready beforehand to avoid wasting time in the swapping and searching the garments.


Ghost mannequin photography technique is widely used by many big industries and companies. Ecommerce stores should make an effective use of this technique to give their products a beautiful look. Fashion stores look great when the products are shot with invisible mannequin using the styled lighting. Adopt this technique and attract the viewers when the garments are shown in proper fitting to help people get a better idea. Sell clothes online following these tips on ghost mannequin photography. Happy selling!

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