How To Photograph Stickers For Etsy

How To Photograph Stickers For Etsy

Are you worried about How To Photograph Stickers For Etsy? Let’s read:

A sticker is a printed piece of paper, plastic, vinyl, or other components with force-exposed glue on one side. It acts as a tag, but you can use it for decoration or personal purposes based on the use. The sticker has become a significant trend on Etsy, one of the online marketplaces, since 2021, as everyone looks around for fun and impressive things to design their gears.

Do you know that you can earn money selling stickers on different platforms? If not, you must read this blog because I will discuss How to Photograph Stickers for Etsy


How to Photograph Stickers for Etsy

Stickers are an excellent mode to promote your brand. If you want to earn by selling the stickers on Etsy, you should keep a superb picture that makes the shopper enthusiastic about your sticker product to buy it. But the question is, how will you manage the photos of the stickers? 

Well, instead of wondering, let’s face it. Sticker photography is much easy to capture and also much easier to throw a spanner in the works! Set with your camera, whether DSR or your phone camera. The rest are discussed below in plain English: 

Lighting: Lighting is a crucial fact for any photography. Natural and artificial light gives a different look to the product, especially the color. The variation adds spice to life. So, you should apply both indoor and outdoor photography but pick the good vibe one. Remember, fluorescent lights are uneven and end with the editing process most of the time. If you capture with the smartphone, make sure you check out the flashlight because it may also be the reason for mess up. 

Background: Background can emphasize or demolish the subject depending on the appearance. It is the key point you should consider for any photography, including the photograph stickers for Etsy. You can pick a white background or any background representing the brand for sticker photography. 

Staging: Staging is also necessary, as the background. The whole design of the stage becomes perfect with the right mix of colors and lighting.

Focus Close: We all know that the more we go closer to something, the more details we can check out about them. While photographing the sticker, you should also get more intimate and click in a closer view. 

Smooth Focus: You should focus on the foreground and blur the background. It is a classic method to focus on the subject that depicts the ‘Law of Third.’ You can do it easily using iPhone portrait mode or DSLR camera settings. But it is tough to maintain in Android smartphones. 

Capture multiple photos: No photographer can ensure a perfect photo with a single click. So, try to capture various shots for a single style to pick a good one through the culling process. If you don’t know what does culling means in photography, you can check our blog on that.

Study Styles: You can study good photographers’ photos to check the type they follow. If you like any style, you can follow that, but it will be most effective if you add some creativity. Always try to think out of the box. 

Experiment: Experiment can bring the chance to create something new. Always think out of the box and push yourself with the gear to experiment if it can make something innovative. Do a certain test on various stages, backgrounds, lights or darks, shades, etc. Give freedom to your thinking power and be resourceful with your gear.

Apply Photo Editing: You can’t create a perfect sticker photo depending on the camera only. So you have to apply the image post production service to make a flawless sticker photo that can attract the buyers to try your stickers. 

The photo editing part is very tricky, especially for the Etsy seller, because there is a specific standard rule to follow that a novice may don’t know. But a professional like Cut Out Image knows that and proficiently can follow that. 


Best Selling Stickers on Etsy

If you have decided to be an entrepreneur and start a sticker selling business on Etsy but wonder which designed or themed stickers are the best selling on Etsy, this part will solve your headache. Now I will tell you about the stickers which are mostly sold on Etsy.

Seasonal Stickers: You can always focus on the current and upcoming season to customize your stickers. People prefer various designed stickers representing summer, winter, fall, or Spring. Each season comes with a unique appearance. You can display those beauties in your stickers so that your customers prefer your sticker to personalize belongings or add in gift items. For example, you can create stickers for snow, snowman, Elsa for winter, and pumpkin for fall. You can also concentrate on nature-themed capricious sticker sheets. 

Animal Stickers: Who doesn’t like a pet? Anyone loves, right? Therefore, you should consider animals featuring sticker photos to sell your Etsy shop. Imaginary creatures stickers also sell best on Etsy. You can focus on sloths, dogs, cats, giraffes, butterflies, etc. Try to revive them in your sticker giving a 3D look. 

Custom Sticker: older to younger, everyone loves stickers to apply in favorite belongings including mobile, laptop, mug, etc. A customized sticker can add sugar to the cake since it can create the sticker according to the preference. This kind of sticker also opens the door for displaying your design proficiency. 


Popular Forms of Stickers

Stickers contribute to product identification and promotion by creating a positive impression. There are different forms of stickers with their appearance and impression. Are you interested to know which types of stickers you can sell on Etsy? In this part of this blog, I will discuss it so that you can decide what types of stickers you will pick to sell on your Etsy shop.  

Logo Stickers: The logo identifies the brand. You can offer custom-built stickers on the different logos. It can give a creative vibe to those brands.

You may hand over the long-lasting stickers to your customers to stick over their product, apply the complicated or inner cut on the stickers, and modify the shape and size according to the requirement. 

Transparent Stickers: Clear stickers are normally invulnerable on water or oil and transparent in appearance. You can print it on weathertight vinyl or clear tape. You can add graze-resistance coating with UV to stand out in the crowd. 

Die-Cut Stickers: Die-cut stickers are specifically cut according to the shape of the design you want and attached to any soft background. You can easily customize the form, length, and abundance. One common feature of die-cut stickers is that they are reluctant to accept any scrape, moist and daylight. 

Photo Stickers: The most unique and modern stickers are photo stickers. You can convert any picture into stickers to sell them on your Etsy shop. You can also keep the customization option to design their mugs, lockers, envelopes, laptops, bottles, etc., with the customized photo stickers. It will allow them to personalize their belongings and take a trip down memory lane. 

Bumper Stickers: Bumper sticker is a small sign used on an automobile bumper that conveys a statement or describes a joke to mass people. You can make such stickers available in your Etsy shop. Ensure the sticker is weather-resistance since the customer will stick it on the car. It can contain any message of religion, worldly-wise, humor, or commercial. Try to do good outdoor photography to promote your stickers. You can hire a professional to do this for you. If you wonder How to Ask a Photographer for Prices, read out my blog to find the solution. 


Why Etsy Is an Ideal Choice

There are multiple marketplaces where you can sell various kinds of stickers to get a profit. But among them, Etsy is manageable for the new kid on the block, economical, and offers the amplest market to generate sales. So let’s have a view on the reasons to select Etsy for selling stickers:

  • Extensive Market: Selling stickers online isn’t a new thing. Many are already selling their stickers on various platforms and making money. Etsy is one of the famous platforms where you can sell different stickers like organizational, product, or art pieces. For many consumers, it is the platform to get unique designed stickers. 
  • Reasonable Expenditures: Etsy offers the most affordable cost with an easily accessible process for online sticker sellers. It is free of cost to open an Etsy store, but it sets several fees associated with listings, transactions, taxation, and shipment. However, they charge only $0.20 for each item you publish online, where you have to pay only a 5% as a transaction fee. The customers bear the shipment cost, and the taxation varies based on your item and living state. Isn’t this so reasonable? 
  • Shipment: You can use the USPS courier service reasonably for the product shipment, reducing your task on printing, cutting for the same product label, and saving your time doing other things. 
  • Store Thumbnail: Etsy allows you the freedom to control your shop completely. It gives you the opportunity to pick your photos or videos for your listings, write product details, offer discounts for repeated shoppers, etc. 

So far in this blog, I have discussed multiple options and variations of stickers along with the topic How to Photograph Stickers for Etsy. Reading the whole blog, you know how to photograph them. To make eye-catchy market-friendly stickers, you should apply the photo editing process. You already know how long does it take photographers to edit photos, so if you feel it will be troublesome for you, you can outsource this and relax. 

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