How To Take Shoe Pictures

How To Take Shoe Pictures

Do you know How To Take Shoe Pictures? Well, read this out below.

Photography is an art, application, and practice of creating long-lasting portrayals. It has been used as a storyteller. We feel interested in different things after checking a photo. In this modern era, we are now going into a new phase for our shopping, especially for personal accessories. Shoes are one of them that we choose from online to buy. If you are an online retailer for selling shoes, this content will teach you to learn shoe photography and reach more customers.

Shoes Photography Ideas: How To Take Shoe Pictures

Creativity is the first and foremost element you need to possess to do something out of the box. Then, with the knowledge of photography and retouching services, you can hit the ground with the products. So, why are you waiting? Let’s jump to learn photography for shoe step by step and make the best shoe pictures for a better sale.

Choose the Product: 

For shoe photography, first, select which shoes you will choose for photography. Clean your shoes using a brush or clothes. If you do these before shooting, it will help you save your time and make a standout photo.

How To Take Shoe Pictures
Choose The Product


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Take an Appropriate Backdrop:

A Backdrop can make a picture bad to stunning. Simple, plain, and white Backdrops are the best suit for shoe photography since they will help visualize the color, shape, and other details properly. 

How To Take Shoe Pictures
Take an Appropriate Backdrop


Ensure Proper Lighting:

Inadequate lighting can’t visualize the shoe features properly. To capture the best shoe picture, you need an even as well as excellent lighting setting. A Speedlight or flash will be the best solution to the lighting for any photography. Don’t use direct sunlight.

How To Take Shoe Pictures
Ensure Proper Lighting

Use Model:

Customers want the best-suited shoes for their feet because, in some cases, it represents their personality. For this reason, it will be better to use a model instead of capturing the product only. Famous artists or young stars can work as models. At the time of photography, you should focus on the leg mainly and try to capture using different poses like walking, jumping, dancing, traveling, etc. 

How To Take Shoe Pictures
Use Model

Present Different Angle:

Instead of capturing from one angle, try to capture from different angles like the front, back, top, bottom, and other sides. These angel views are a must for online pages since the customer makes a buying decision based on the visualization. You can use glass or any movement to capture the down or lower part of the shoe. You can also use the Floating shoe photography strategy, but that requires a pre-plan to manipulate it for better visualization.

Present Different Angle
Take an Appropriate Backdrop

Visualize the Unique Design:

Design combines color, quality, shape, and style. Along with the quality and comfort, people now look for designs. So, don’t forget to show the patterns that attract more attention from the customer. Focus on unique design, the material, laces, and other features so that the customer can feel that it is the product they are questing for.

Retouch the Capture
Visualize the Unique Design

Retouch the Capture:

After completing the above steps, you are now completing your photography’s final and complex stage. Without retouching, you can’t expect your capture to stand out. For online or offline selling, after work on photography is required to impress the customer. Creative skill is needed to do the post-photography task so that you can get the desired result. Cut Out Image is providing this kind of service related to photography. 

Retouch the Capture
Retouch the Capture

If you want to make a sizable revenue in your shoe business, you must work or spend on photo editing or clipping. So why are you waiting? Let’s learn some steps of editing the photo as well as the Photo clipping path.

Photo Editing: How To Take Shoe Pictures

There are some basic steps to edit the photo that is visualized below with an appropriate description. 

  1. Select the Photo: The first step is to select the image that needs to go under editing. 
  2. Crop and Clear the Photo: Once you select the image, it is time to crop the unnecessary part of the photo. Focus on the main object and cut the unwanted things. After that, clear the picture. Remove all spots in the picture. 
  3. Adjust the Brightness and Contrast: Check the brightness and contrast of the photo. Do the balance for a better view. 
  4. Balance the Color and Saturation: Saturation makes the photo look good by maintaining color intensity. Balance saturation to intensify the color of the picture. 
  5. Sharpen the Photo: Using the scale of 0 to 100 tone, you can sharpen the photo. Sharpening makes the photo clearer. You can start from 50% and adjust by ± to bring into a good look. 

Clipping Path

There are different clipping paths, such as – Basic, Simple, Compound, Complex, and Super complex. Some 

You can follow the below steps for Clipping Path Service or can take related service from Cut Out Image:

  •  Select the Pen tool to generate a path around the given image area
  • Click on the triangle from the upper right corner of the panel to Save Path from the panel menu.
  • Rename the Path
  • Select Clipping Path from the exact panel menu
  • Select your Path from the drop-down list from the Clipping Paths dialog box
  • Set the flatness value to the highest
  • Select File→ Save As
  • Click on Photoshop EPS from the Format drop-down list,  
  • Accept the defaults pop up from the Photoshop EPS dialogue box and click OK



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