How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design

How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design

A graphic designer puts a pedal to the metal to turn boring information into beautiful pictures while brainstorming. He invests time and energy in implementing the idea to generate a picture. Advanced technology has improved the graphic design world with numerous tools that save time and energy. That’s where Chat GPT becomes operative.

Do you know about ChatGPT? It’s an AI chatbot acting like a genie inside your laptop! Almost everyone knows about it, at least for fun purposes. Apart from fun and jokes, it is helpful for designers to simplify their work. Do you know how to use it for the design process?   

Today in this blog, I will discuss  How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design. So, keep reading the blog to improve your design work. 

 To sum up, In this blog, I will discuss the basic idea of ChatGPT, how to use it, and how it benefits designers. The covered topics are as below:

  • What is Chat GPT?
  • How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design
  • How to Use Visual ChatGPT for Graphic Design
  • Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Graphic Designs
  • Debates of Using ChatGPT for Graphic Designs
  • Tips for Using Chat GPT Effectively


What is Chat GPT?

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT stands for Generative Pre-training Transformer. A startup AI research organization called ‘Open AI’ developed the ‘ChatGPT’ to create a beneficial AI system. 

ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot that generates natural-sounding text based on input. It is pre-trained with ample fine-tuned conversation datasets to understand the tones of human speech. 

The user sends instructions by typing, and ChatGPT immediately provides a readable, detailed answer. Clicking on the “Regenerate response” instantly generates another alternative answer. ChatGPT describes complex terms easily, apologizes for making mistakes, challenges incorrect assumptions, and even declines unacceptable requests. It’s easy, like Google.

 “ChatGPT could reinvent or even replace the traditional internet search engine.” – The New York Times. 

ChatGPT is the most rapidly consumed app that reached 100 million active users within 2 months after its launch. Such milestones took 9 months for TikTok, 2.5 years for Instagram, and 4.5 years for Facebook. 

Today, ChatGPT is used for multiple purposes like translation, chatbots, virtual assistants, content writing, graphic design, etc. In graphic design, ChatGPT helps generate content ideas or suggestions that make the design work productive and efficient. 


How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design

How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design

ChatGPT has evolved practically for its instant human-toned response to given instructions. It can be an incredibly helpful tool to simplify graphic designers’ workflow and improve design quality. ChatGPT assists in fast-tracking the design process of a visual, product, or Web designer by generating ideas, images, and mockups, suggesting font and color palettes, and creating design briefs. 

In this part, I will show How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design. Let’s explore how to use ChatGPT in the design process.

Step-1: Generate Concept

The design concept is the skeleton of the design process. ChatGPT helps designers brainstorm and develop design ideas and concepts based on queries and brands. You just have to input the brand idea with essential criteria, and ChatGPT will analyze the brand audience to develop a sophisticated design concept.

design concept

Let’s dive into more depth to learn using ChatGPT to generate different design process concept ideas:

a) Layout Design:

Layout is an important part of a website design since the visitors first notice it while visiting a website. To get layout design inspiration using ChatGPT, you can enter instructions with specific information like “Generate 3 visually appealing layout design ideas for a landing page of a Coffee Brand”. 

Layout Design ideas

You can add call-to-action keywords in the instruction. ChatGPT will result in your instructions, and you can start executing any result. Click on the “regenerate response” button or prompt again using more specific information for better ideas. 

b) Design Theme:

A theme is a graphic design of artwork, a website, or any app representing the brand image. You can ask ChatGPT to develop 2-3 specific brand or product themes. From the results, choose one to work on. 

Design Theme

c) Logo Design:

You might wonder if ChatGPT can generate a logo. It can’t generate a logo directly but can brainstorm to construct a concept for designing a logo based on your query and brand. Ask ChatGPT to generate 2-3 logo design concepts for your brand to get the idea. It will display the suggestion instantly, analyzing your requirements. Then you can choose and implement any idea in any AI image generator like Midjourney to visualize the logo.

Logo Design

How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design

Helpful Link: Check out the Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Graphic Design to create the logo based on the idea.

d) Design Concept:

Using ChatGPT, you can easily construct a design concept for a product or shop. For example, ask 2 concepts for designing a coffee shop with proper keywords. Follow the result it provides, or try another prompt asking for a logo idea or tagline based on the concept it generated.

Design Concept

Design Concept

e) Website Design:

A website design comprises concept development, creating headlines, wireframing, prototyping, and so on, which you can ask about in the ChatGPT prompt question. You can also ask for suggestions to improve user experience. Then implement the steps to maximize your website conversion.

How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design

Prompt 1: Develop a website design concept for a coffee company, including wireframes, color schemes, and call-to-actions

Prompt 2: Create a user flow for a coffee company website, outlining users’ steps to search and book a trip.

Step-2: Design From Scratch

Designing from scratch is the most intense function of ChatGPT. Using the text-to-image feature of ChatGPT, any graphic designer, novice or professional, can create trendy and incredible sketches or illustrations. They just have to input precise instructions, and the chatbot will display natural-looking high-resolution creations. Creating it traditionally with Photoshop or other software might consume time.  

Step-3: Suggest Color 

Colors elicit various emotions powerfully. For example, bright colors evoke a positive vibe of success or happiness. In contrast, darker color suggests a vibe of anger, hatred, sadness or horror, etc. Moreover, a graphic designer follows a color wheel to find suitable colors. As a novice, all these might seem challenging. Simply ask ChatGPT for color palette suggestions for your brand. ChatGPT will provide the correct color scheme based on color psychology theory for your design ideas. It can also provide hex code or RGB values for a color. 

Suggest Color

Step-4: Suggest Font

When designing an advertisement, you should give importance to the font. An incorrect font can demolish the design’s beauty. If you are confused about which font to use, simply ask ChatGPT. It will suggest a font according to the brand and design. 

Suggest Font

Step-5: Refining Design

Graphic design’s every detail should be accurate to generate an eye-soothing design. If there is any incorrect detail, the design needs improvement, including tone adjustment, fixing dirt, balancing colors, changing shape, background, or element, etc. Usually, designers use software or filters to refine the design work that demands proper design knowledge. A novice might fail to meet it while refining the design. In this case, the designer should input detailed instructions, and the ChatGPT will provide the solution for adjusting the designs following the instructions.

Step-6: Create Multiple Copy of a Design

Graphic designers often need to create multiple versions of a single design, which is time-consuming to do manually. But the designer can employ ChatGPT to automate the process. It can result in creating multiple versions of the design promptly.

Step-7: Create Design Briefs

A design brief is the epicenter of a graphic designer’s career. It is a document with written notes on different design aspects, including the goals and objectives. However, creating the design brief is complicated and time-consuming, but ChatGPT can save time generating it instantly. All you need to do is input keywords like design idea, target audience, region, product/service features, the design’s message, font, color details, etc., in the ChatGPT. It will create the design brief using human-like Natural Language.

How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design

You should outsource the design service if you have much on your plate and wish to get a human-touched smooth design. Check out my blog to know the Way to Outsource Graphic Design.


How to Use Visual ChatGPT for Graphic Design

How to Use Visual ChatGPT for Graphic Design

Visual ChatGPT is a new model of Microsoft that allows ChatGPT to go above its linguistic boundaries. It combines ChatGPT and VFMs, including Visual Transformers, ControlNet, and Stable Diffusion. As a result, Visual ChatGPT ties-up users and allows them to contact via chat and visualize.

Normally ChatGPT can’t generate images since it is a conversational platform. With Visual ChatGPT’s help, it can generate or modify an image based on instructions. It will be able to do the following:  

  •  Construct text or concept
  • Visualize according to instruction
  • Receive image to modify


How to Use Visual ChatGPT for Graphic Design? Let’s take a closer look.

How to Use Visual ChatGPT for Graphic Design?

The picture might not look perfect for the failure of VFMs and the diversity of the prompts. But it can help you anyway. 

Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Graphic Designs

ChatGPT is like an assistant that can assist a graphic designer in his design work. I already have shared How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design. Now it’s time to know the benefits of using ChatGPT in graphic design work. Let’s know it:  

  • Saves time: ChatGPT responds instantly to any query, saving the user time. Usually, brainstorming for idea generation or picking appropriate component details take time. Using ChatGPT, the designers can know about these instantly and start working on the design. It saves their valuable time focusing on creative design and avoiding sketching energy.
  • Automated Design: Using the visual ChatGPT designer can instruct ChatGPT to generate images with essential instruction. It will automatically generate the image and change it according to instructions. Moreover, photo editing is a lengthy process. ChatGPT can receive images for cropping, color correction, fixing size or saturation, etc. However, you still work on the photo to generate an outstanding image.
  • Distinct Design Concepts: A graphic designer invests much time and imagination power to brainstorm a unique design. Creating a design defining a brand’s essence and message is difficult. But ChatGPT can help create it instantly once you provide precise keywords. It can create multiple different design concepts.
  • Better Teamwork: Proper guidelines are the most important for better teamwork. ChatGPT provides a specific guideline that the team can collaborate among team members for a smooth workflow.


Debates of Using ChatGPT for Graphic Designs

I have shared all about ChatGPT use in Graphic design with benefits from the beginning. But we should remember there is no unmixed blessing on earth. In this blog part, I will share the debate points of using ChatGPT for Graphic Design. 

ChatGPT, as a conversational tool, can only generate textual responses to the query. It can’t generate any visual response until you use the Visual ChatGPT. Moreover, it can’t run by itself to design. It needs instruction that the designer inputs. Additionally, visual ChatGPT can’t ensure a stunning design because there are more on the plate to verify, confirm and adjust to make a stunning design. 

ChatGPT is an AI tool. Many people have misconceptions that AI tools will someday replace human architects and designers. But it’s not true at all. AI tools, including ChatGPT, can assist the designer only. They can’t replace them because the AI tools generated design still needs a human touch to make it stunning. 


Tips for Using Chat GPT Effectively

ChatGPT makes the design process easy. Following a few tips can make the process smooth and effective. Here are some tips for using ChatGPT effectively to generate stunning designs: 

01. Ask Precise Questions:

In ChatGPT, as you ask, the answer you will get. That means if you ask a precise question, it will provide relevant answers accurately. Otherwise, you won’t find the desired answer. Remember, ChatGPT is an AI tool, not a mind reader. Ask about any tool’s use or specific feature for effective design work instead of asking for general ideas for effective design work. Here are a few precise questions you might ask- 

  • How to adjust current design trends to my project?
  • What are the design tools to create exclusive designs?
  • How to develop an attractive and functional design?
  • What color, fonts, and images to use for a tempting design?
  • How to explain design concepts to clients effectively?
  • How can I combine client feedback?

02. Try Different Answers:

You can get multiple answers for a single query by clicking the ‘Regenerate’ option. Moreover, it will generate different answers if you ask the same question differently. So, ask for different ways for any precise design, pattern, or color combination according to your design goal. Click regenerate to get an appropriate or suitable response. 

03. ChatGPT as Starting Point:

Don’t depend on ChatGPT completely for any design work. It’s not a one-stop solution, but you can consider it the starting point for generating ideas. Then merge ideas with your creative research work.    

04. Link Other Designers:

Marge your idea with ChatGPT-generated ideas, then collaborate with your design team to add new ideas. You can improve the design after collaborating on all the ideas and perspectives.

05. Refine ChatGPT Idea:

Don’t copy and paste the ChatGPT-generated idea directly into your design. To ensure it matches your brand, review the idea, refine it if needed, then implement to design. 


Final Words [ How to Use ChatGPT for Graphic Design ]

After going through the journey to the blog, we can say that ChatGPT is an AI tool to streamline the design process workflow by generating new design concepts or assisting in brainstorming on font, design layout, color, etc. It is helpful for novice designers or professionals working under tight deadlines. We can also clearly say that ChatGPT can’t replace human designers even though it provides untouched design ideas. Still, it needs human intervention to create visually appealing designs. 

Hopefully, the blog will help you learn How to use ChatGPT for Graphic Design effectively. Are you ready to add value to your design and take it to the next level?

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