Kick off the Unwanted People from Your Best Pictures

Kick off the Unwanted People from Your Best Pictures

Pictures are great to freeze the moments that you have spent with your loved ones. It feels awesome to cherish the pictures in the later stages of life when you don’t have those people near you. Since the images hold a very special place in everyone’s life, sometimes they can be distractive too. Why? Because every time you cannot click the picture with superb perfection and capture the unwanted elements mistakenly!

Today, I am going to pen down the method of how to remove the unwanted people from the pictures. Capture multiple shots as you want and remove the unnecessary things in the post processing stage. Let’s see how:

Take 8-12 random shots of an area but take a pause of 20 seconds in each picture. Open all the photos in Photoshop but in single document and multiple layers. Make sure that all the pictures are in the same document to apply the technique. For that, navigate to File>Scripts>Load files into Stack. Now in the Load Layers window, choose Folder from the Use drop down menu. Hit the browse button and choose the folder in which you have your images stored. Once the folder is selected, press OK. It will open all the images in different layers in the single document.

Auto Align the Layers

Next, to get the best results, layer alignment is quite essential. To align the layers, select all by pressing Ctrl+A and go to edit menu. From there, select “Auto Align Layers” and press OK. Photoshop automatically do everything according to the similar pixels so you need not worry about it.

Now to apply the stack mode, you need to put all the aligned layers into Smart object. For that, select all the layers again and right click on any layer’s left side, choose Convert to smart object. After that, go to Layer>Smart Objects>Stack Mode>Median to apply the median stack mode. The purpose of stack median mode is that it removes the varied transitions from the images and only keeps the identical areas.

Adjust Color and Tones

Now is the time to select the smart object and adjust the color and tones in Adobe Camera raw. For that, go to Filter>Camera RAW and apply the changes. RAW works much like Adobe Lightroom so if you have used it, you can easily use RAW. Next, darken the highlights and brighten the shadows to create an HDR effect. To do that, move the highlight slider to the left and the shadow slider towards right direction. To add contrast to the mid tones, slide the clarity slider to the right. Press OK.

Crop the Picture

The last step is for those who haven’t used the tripod to capture the photos. Take crop tool or press C on the keyboard to crop the imperfect edges of the image. Once done, hit Return.

Wrap up

Follow this article to remove the unwanted people or objects from the pictures using stack mode. It will blend the pictures naturally and doesn’t look artificial as in other techniques. Do let me know in the comment section below how did this technique worked out for you.

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