Mistakes an Amateur Can Avoid by the Photographer

An amateur is one who is just stepped into the field of the photography. Their skills are raw and they did not know the right path to override others. Being the best newbie in the field, it is obligatory for the photographers to learn these useful fails that the photographers mostly commit and lose their dignity in their profession in front of the clients. What makes the photography difficult? That is the DSLR with the new features and the ultra modern technology. It is the true fact that the mistakes are being made by the newbie photographer so read out the list of mistakes that can be avoided

Using flash from the distance

The initial mistake that is usually made by the photographer is flashing from the distance that is capturing the subject beyond the reach of flash. This is the most avoidable mistake that the newbie can concentrate on to make his photography better. It is not restricted to use flash in the dark light but it can be also used in bright sunlight for illuminating objects.

Mounting lens hood backwards

Sometimes for having convenience in storage the photographer usually keep the lens hood mounted on the opposite side of the camera and forget to change the direction resulting in the poor images due to unwanted light. Light hood generally controls the unwanted light that affects your images but because you have not changed the direction therefore it becomes unable to control the light.

Forget to insert a memory card

The big mistake that is committed by the photographers sometimes that is they fail to insert a memory card in the camera. This makes the photographer unable to shoot the event displayed by screen that there is no memory card. It will spoil the day for the photographer when they have travelled so far to shoot the event. The reason for forgetting may be anyone like while transferring the images to the computer you left the memory card into it or may be the other one but the most important is camera without the memory card which cannot be used for any other purpose.

Wrong choice of lens

The other mistake that can be avoided by the photographer is the wrong choice of lens in the camera that may results in the loss of the moment for what he is waiting for and when it arrived he was unable to shoot due to wrong lens in the camera. Avoid these kinds of silly mistakes to reach on the stage of the professional photographer.

Forgetting tripod for night time photography

The other avoidable mistake is forgetting tripod at home while going for the night time photography. The tripod is the must have requirement for shooting at night otherwise it is not possible to handle the slow shutter speed without the sturdy tripod and getting best shots at night is not possible without slowing the shutter speed. Remember low light shooting always need tripod so keep it with you always.

Setting the ISO wrong

The newbie photographer must choose correct ISO setting for having the perfect shots. He must know that turning the ISO up in the dark environment is necessary whereas turning it down must be used in light environments. But if he is not aware of the correct ISO then better is to go for auto ISO settings.

About white balance

Forgetting to change the white balance will create the problem of unwanted discolouring in the images and this will ruin your all efforts in the photography so you must avoid that.

The MF-AF Switch

Both the switches hold an important place for having the good pictures and forgetting to change them according to the camera needs will be fall for the image quality. So you must have to use MF manual focus for fine tuning of the photos and the auto focus will let the camera do the settings for you easily.

Mode dial confusions

A newbie photographer is generally trapped in the mode dial confusions and he become unable to shoot the images. He gets confused between the different modes like aperture, program mode, shutter priority mode and the rest others which create a problem for him. So it is advised to have the complete knowledge about the modes before step into the photography.

So these are the common mistakes that must be avoided by the photographer if he really wants to excel his profession.


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