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Perks and Refusals of Shooting with Models

Photography is a vast concept that covers everything ranging from a pin to plane. Across the globe, one can shoot anything, just anything using creativity and exceptional mindset. But for that, the subject has to feel or look comfortable to bring the outstanding shots. Before capturing the photos, make sure your subject is calm, relaxed, […]

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Click Great Pictures considering these Tips

As a beginner or a pro photographer, few things are always considerable like introduction to the camera, working with exposure, mastering the shutter speed, DOF, aperture and composition etc. To give you a basic understanding how things work for photography, I am writing this article. You might get confused with so many things to learn […]

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Lighting, Reflections and Shadows – Key to Better Product Photography and Retouching

Photography is something that needs proper lighting, reflections and shadows to come out perfect. Everything you do in photography is the result of your creativity and to transform that creativity into a masterpiece is important in order to stand out from the world. Why would people choose you over other photographers? Because your photography is […]

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