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Sprouting Mobile Friendly E-Commerce Trends: 2015 Lookbook

The word E-commerce, after being introduced in everyone’s life has become a routine endeavor. There was a time when shopping was to rush to the nearby stores or malls, spend whole day tossing on few things to buy, wasting time in visiting from one store to another, standing in long queues, and getting exhausted on […]

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Discover the Vigorous New Features of Photoshop Version 13

Since 1990, the year of the launch of Adobe Photoshop, this software has come across many updates and served innovations. Every new version of Photoshop welcomed epic new features that simplified the usage and made it more interesting and resourceful. Currently we are using the 13th version of Photoshop that is finely encapsulated with amazing […]

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A Prime Approach To Correct Red Eye In Photoshop

Sometimes due to incorrect settings of camera, the lighting, movement of the object, flash or many other reasons, we end up taking an absolutely gorgeous image with flaws. One of such flaw is the red eye that is quite common in the pictures. You feel distressed on seeing a red spot in your eye that […]

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5 Substitutes of Instagram App to Share Photos

Photo Sharing has always been an excellent stunt to bring more value to your online presence. Soon after the commencement of online trading, imagery attained a peaceful hike. Indeed it is of great use to all the e-commerce portals as people are more drawn toward any portal on watching its epic product photography. This article […]

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5 Ultimate Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop

Whereas Photoshop is confer-with, Masking is an indispensible part that comes to a great use. Be it image masking or background masking, both the features have an essential contribution. Mastering in masking by manipulating an image completely is something that creates a differentiation between a neophyte learner and an expert. An expert can mask an […]

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