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Make Money off of Your Photography Art

Let me guess! Your hobby is photographing unique and commendable things, isn’t it? Now you might be wondering how I know this. Well, of course, I know because you are reading this blog only to earn a million bucks off of your photography art. It is fun to shoot beautiful scenes and landscapes etc. whilst […]

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How to swap colors in Photoshop

The Replace color command in Photoshop Creative Suite 6 enables the users to swap one set of colors with another. The replace color command creates a mask using the colors selected. It then works by replacing colors that you have selected. You can change the saturation, hue, and lightness of the images in specific areas […]

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Best Smartphone Apps For Photo Editing

Smartphone cameras have proved themselves to be an amazing substitute for professional equipment and gears in product photography. As we know that not every business owner can afford pricey professionals or photography gears for product imagery, cameras have come like a breath of fresh air to such taxing environment. But, the task is not done […]

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5 Pros Of Using Lightroom

Photoshop was once sole stop drop for all photography editors. It has lured the credits for the longest time but when Lightroom came out, the trends started changing. The loyal users of Photoshop are still sticking to it. But we are sure that they are not aware of the advantages that Lightroom has to offer. […]

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