Photo Editing Services for High-End Jewelry

Jewelers take special care to display and market their high-end range of jewelry. It is the visual charisma that captivates and lures the potential buyer to show interest in the striking piece of ornament. These pieces are so enchanting that the camera might not do complete justice to the jewels. Photo-editing services are a must for the ornament industry and a huge onus lies on the visual grace of the product. Let’s see how expert image editing designers work their spell on the precious ornament pieces.

The task that lies with jewelry retouching experts

Jewelry photo shoots are carried out by ace photographers who must know which angles to capture well. These ornaments have a light of their own, which could sometimes affect the photo shoot quality adversely. Here the experience of the photographer comes handy. These little shortcomings of the photography session are rectified at the editing table. Photoshop is exemplary software that removes the imperfections in a product and showcases it with perfection. Techniques like clipping path and photo masking are applied to remove the background of the ornament. Further image and color retouching techniques, shadow addition, and other image manipulation techniques are applied to polish the product and impart grace to it.

Photo-editing services for the jewelry industry

Photoshop retouching requires the mastery and skilled workmanship of a graphic designer who edits each portion of the ornament intricately. The first step involves removing the background of the jewel and placing in another background aptly suited to e-commerce stores.

The background is removed by applying the clipping path services of Photoshop. The pen tool is used to mark a fine outline of the image and then it is detached from its background. In most cases, the cutout image is placed against a white background for maximum focus and clarity.

In the next step, each and every portion of the jewelry, like single stones, are separated. Every part of the image is worked upon individually. The stones are polished and the color is adjusted using color retouching techniques. The edges are sharpened/ softened and then the jewel is assembled back.

Finally, the brightness and shadow effects of the trinket are adjusted. Shadows play a vital role in magnifying the beauty of a jewel. They help the customer is ascertaining the exact shine and sparkle of the precious stone.

Other photo editing services applied to jewelry photos

Color balance and brightness levels

The color and brightness of an image can be adjusted in the post-production phase. Photoshop has color and brightness settings and you can move the sliders till you get the desired color and brightness effects.

Unsharp masking

Sometimes the edges of jewely look very sharp and unattractive. The Unsharp Mask tool in Photoshop can be used to soften edges of an ornament.  Vice versa, you can also use the tool to sharpen edges of the ornament.


Adjust the exposure levels of the image using the ‘level’ feature.


Jewelry marketers do not mind spending on image editing services as they transform their products into more appealing trinkets. Moreover, as jewelry pieces are expensive, spending on good image editing services gives them high returns on their investments.

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