Photographing a Tie and Suit on Ghost Mannequin was never this easy

Photographing a Tie and Suit on Ghost Mannequin was never this easy

Photographing a tie and suit on ghost mannequin requires you to be a little creative and stylish. The major concern of using a ghost mannequin is that the garment fits nicely and gives an appealing view to the customer. When it comes to shoot a men suit, it should give a clear picture of the entire attire so that the viewer can see what it looks like if worn by a human.

While using a ghost mannequin gives a hollow man effect, it becomes important to style the suit perfectly to show a realistic 3d effect. I would suggest using a mannequin instead of adjusting the garment in Photoshop to give a realistic effect. The trick is to remove the arm and chest pieces of the mannequin to style the product in a way that the mannequin is not visible in shot.

Let’s dig deep in the details to achieve the right effect using a mannequin. After photographing the tie and suit, you will be able to edit it in photo editing software to remove any type of minor flaws. Here are the tools you need to style a suit on mannequin:


A camera is important as all the work is done with the help of it. Any high quality camera will do but a Canon EOS is suggested as it gives clean and clear shots for professional photography.

The product

Keep the suit and tie handy before starting the photo session.


Cool LED lights are recommended to keep the contrast, shadows and exposure consistent.

Ghost mannequin

Go for a modular mannequin with removable chest and arms to keep it invisible in the final shot.

Clips and pins

Keep the styling clips and pins ready to fit the garment on the mannequin. It is to secure the product so it doesn’t look over or under fitted.


Let’s start with shooting the suit and tie on ghost mannequin.

  • Make the mannequin wear the tie with the removable chest and arm as it is. It will provide support to the tie so keep the neck piece intact. To show the bottom inner lining, remove the module at the waist.
  • Now put the shirt and the blazer on the mannequin. Make sure the shoulders are non creased so that the garment looks fine and clean.
  • When the shoulders and sleeves look symmetrical without any creases of wrinkles, you need to knot the tie in place by flipping the collar up. To save time and efforts, knot the tie beforehand and make the mannequin wear it afterwards.
  • Now is the time to check everything is properly styled. Keep the tie straight, button up the shirt and the blazer and hide any type of labels or shirt tails under the blazer. If there are little creases or loose fabric, tuck it up with pins or clips.

Now shoot the photographs with your camera to get desired results. For any editing, head to Photoshop and apply the required methods or tools to get things right.

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