Photoshop Delight: Learn the ways of Image Masking

Image Masking
Image Masking

Adobe Photoshop has come up like a true treat in designing realm. With it’s ever so rich and resourceful features, nothing seems impossible in designing world. There is a mammoth of operations used in image processing and one of the very common image processing techniques is Image Masking. Image Masking can easily be used for following purposes:

  • Image Extract
  • Image Eliminate
  • Image Detach

All these processes can easily be applied on all kind of images. You can easily detach, eliminate or extract required portion from the complete image.

Image Masking is a demanding task. Practicing it can consume a lot of efforts and labor but surely you will have to be patient enough to learn this art. Image Masking can be easily practiced with Photoshop and it is mainly used for product catalogs. You must have seen e-commerce fancy product listings, all those tasks are also followed up with the help of these potential techniques.

Considering various needs of all kind of customers, Photoshop brings you various Image Masking tools. Some of the frequently used tools are:

  • Magnetic Lasso
  • Quick Mask
  • Magic Wand
  • Pen Tool

Just like above mentioned tools, there are plenty of others of the same kind. Every new version of Photoshop is fashioned with some new tool of Image processing. Photoshop tools are quite simple in usage. Every task has been assigned a different tool for rescue. You will always find adept image processing solutions while using these simple image masking tools.

Mask Layers seems to be a better idea than other techniques of masking. I am calling it best technique because it will leave least possibility of distortion and outcome will be neater and tidier. This gives more professional look to the image and objects outshine creating the super sharp image on any kind of background.

Alright, now let’s draw our attention towards Image Masking tools and study their basic usage:

Background Eraser Tool

Background Eraser tool is best suited for images that are blunt-edged. These images are complex to be masked using any other image masking tool. For instance, you are doing hair masking; you cannot process the task with any tool other than Background Eraser tools.

Background Eraser Tool
Background Eraser Tool

Magnetic Lasso

This tool actually works like a magnet as it sticks to the borders of targeted image, making a transparent boundary. As you drag your cursor in the shape of the object, it will keep fixing and gripping points on it. This tool is considered to be best for high contrast images and also it is the most spontaneous tool among all other for image masking.

Magnetic Lasso Tool
Magnetic Lasso Tool

Clipping Path

If you wish to cut the image from its background, clipping path tool could also be an adept substitute. This tool is known to provide high-quality outputs. Usability of this tool is quite simple and no matter what kind of object you are targeting, this tool will bring you the high-quality outcome.

Photoshop Pen Tool
Photoshop Pen Tool

Therefore, these are some of the techniques that are used for Image Masking.

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