Shoot Tiny Subjects with Full Confidence

Shoot Tiny Subjects with Full Confidence

Shooting tiny or macro objects is an interesting genre that brings the most out of a photographer. Have ever thought of shooting the insects using your professional cam? To take the macro objects in the frame, close up photography is used that creates exceptional shots.

In real life, these objects are smaller than in the photograph because it is important to show them in a larger view for unique and unusual experience. Now for every niche of photography, subjects are shot with different equipment and settings. To make the most out of the picture, you have to be creative and interesting. Here are few tips to capture attractive shots:

Add Proper Light

Nothing is better than the natural light which makes the final picture look commendable. Use natural light as much as you can because the artificial light doesn’t have that impact on the surroundings and environment. With the fast moving objects like train, planes, crawling insects etc. it is important to shed enough light in a natural manner. Also, if you feel that there is lack of proper light, you can switch to reflector or make use of silver foil to contribute to the lighting element.

Go for Perfect Subjects

Tiny subjects are hard to shoot, no wonder. But if you are perfect at choosing the perfect subject, no one can stop you from taking breathtaking shots. Look for the subject clearly and properly to notice if it has any defects. In some instances, suppose you want to capture a nice shot of an insect, you have to check whether or not the shot will come out to look beautiful.

Capture the Exceptional Parts of the Subject

To add depth to your portfolio, consider shooting the commendable areas of the subject you have chosen to shoot. For an example, a gorgeous leaf can be captured when there is a butterfly sitting on it. Zoom in the camera and shoot a nice scene that makes the frame look outstanding. An image looks striking when complete efforts are put in the backdrop and right technique is followed.

Never Shoot in a Windy Day

While shooting the photo, it is essential for you to know that the distance plays a major role. Windy days can ruin the shot if the air is opposite the position where you are capturing the images. Fast winds blow throughout the shot so when the image is noticed closely, the image will look bad. But if the situation goes out of the way, you can provide shelter to your subject by using shields.

Add Backlight

To add an interesting touch to the shots, try adding backlight but be casual. Too much backlighting can ruin the shots so make sure to be very easy with the light so as to give quite a natural look. Leaves or flowers look incredible when light shines from behind and make the viewer awe-struck with the exceptional beauty. Because light has the potential to fool you and your setup at any moment, I would suggest being precise with the camera settings.

Macro photography is a genus where WOW factor is extremely essential to make the viewer feel connected and genuine. Even the macro objects can look jaw-dropping and unbelievably exceptional if shot with right backlighting. Like always said, practice makes a man perfect; you can master the photography art with years of practice and experience. I would definitely recommend trying your hands on macro photography to take your skills to a whole new level.

Nothing is better than being an expert at macro photography because every photographer craves to excel tiny photography at any cost. Why not experiment it?


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