Smartphones For High Definition Product Images

We usually end up spending bulk money on buck-sucking DSLR cameras, the expensive lenses and many other types of equipment used to assist professional product photography.

Lately, it has been observed that people are opening small scale e-commerce businesses from their home. But the elixir for the presence of any e-commerce website is its product images. That is why, having a camera is significant.

The camera equipment is a taxing expense. On the top of that, not all of us can afford a professional photographer or learn photography skills. If I am just a layman who owns a small e-commerce store of handcrafted products, how should I present my products interestingly online that could boost my sales?

So what you will have to do is to buy a smartphone.

Sound Crazy?

Actually its not! The phones that are launched these days are primarily focusing on the camera quality. I don’t think I have to mention why? Of course people, its for the selfie craze that is multiplying with each second.

But here we are not talking about making funny faces and taking pictures of you. Here we are talking about a highly professional stuff that will open the gates of increased revenue for your business and it must not be taken lightly.

No sweat guys, your phone understand your concerns and it will help you. With the advanced technology, it is feasible for you to take professional pictures from your smartphone that can go straight to your website. All you need for things to happen is a smartphone and a tripod.

This choice is feasible and indubitably affordable. In this article, we will talk about the accessories that you will need to create great pictures with the help of your phone.

  • Backdrop– It is not only vital as per e-commerce imagery standards but it brings more life to your products. White or gray backdrop makes your products look subtle and helps in eliminating any kinds of distractions. A sheet or plain white wall can be used to create backdrop at home. This way your post production flow will speed up substantially.
  • Table– To let the product sit higher, it is important to place it on a table. Also, it helps in making the photo shoot convenient. A tripod is mostly used to place the smartphone but you can also keep it closer to the product by placing it next to the product on the table itself.
  • Lighting– There is no better substitute to the natural light. It is recommended to take pictures in the sunshine so that you don’t have to do manual settings of your smartphone. If you missed the sunshine of the day and the products are desperate to go online then you can always rent a soft box lighting kit and create massive light for photography. But this certainly depends on the size of the products.

A smartphone today can help you in the earnest way possible to take great images. If you cannot afford a professional to do the deed for you then least you can do for your business is to buy a great phon

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