Smoke Bomb Photography Tips

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips

Do you want to add life to your photography? Smoke bomb photography is there to spice up your photographs. The photography technique makes you think creatively to produce incredible photos with color pops. If you also want to spice up your photos but don’t know how to accomplish it, keep reading this article because it will help you explore the ideas. Today in this blog, I will share a bunch of Smoke Bomb Photography Tips from which you can take inspiration to color up your photography. 

What is Smoke Bomb Photography

The idea of the smoke bomb came from the firework made for football lovers. Over time, it has become trendy by adding a new innovative edge to photography. 

Smoke bomb photography, alternatively known as smoke grenade photography, is the process of adding colorful smoke to photographs. You can use the colorful smoke as background or foreground. Such colorful smoke adds vibrancy to the pictures and quickly grabs the viewer’s attention.

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips

It is a great and creative option for Portrait Photography, but you can also use it for weddings, landscapes, and abstract photos to create a fantastic ambiance. In addition, you can get different types of smoke bombs in various colors. Enola Gaye is the most popular smoke grenade for making smoke bomb photographs.

However, smoke bomb photography is different from other photography because here, the photographer requires much attention with some necessary accessories as below: 

  • Smoke bombs
  • Lighting equipment
  • Camera 
  • Tripod
  • Incense sticks and a lighter
  • A bucket
  • Glass
  • First aid tools 
  • Fire extinguisher 

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips

Smoke bomb photography makes the photo dramatically appealing. So naturally, it has become trendy. As I mentioned, I will share a bunch of Smoke Bomb Photography Tips in this blog. So, here those are: 

#1. Choose the Right Smoke Bomb:

Since different kinds of smoke bombs are available in the market, you should choose the right smoke bomb appropriate for your photography. For that, read the reviews of the different smoke bombs to get an idea about the smoke duration, pattern, colors, density, activation, safety, etc. Also, don’t forget to buy from an authentic seller. For example, Enola Gaye, Peacock Smoke, Sutter bombs, etc., are popular brands that make the best smoke bomb grenades.

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips


#2. Go Through the Manual:

A manual provides the details about the item and the instruction for use. It also informs about the things you must and mustn’t do. So, don’t neglect the manual. Instead, read it carefully before activating the smoke bomb for photography. It will help you avoid hazardous incidents.

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips


#3. Prioritize Safety:

While doing smoke bomb photography, always prioritize safety; otherwise, it will create terrible trouble. Since some smoke bombs are flammable, keep them away from clothes. The smoke can cause eye or throat bitterness, so don’t point the smoke bomb directly at someone. Check the expired date because an expired smoke bomb can create a harmful situation. Keeping smoke bombs in the basement can cause unexpected exploration because of malfunctions due to moistness and flammable objects. So, avoid a dry place containing explosives and put the bomb in a metal bucket of water after use. 

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips


#4. Know the Law:

Before you land for smoke bomb photography, you should know all nuts and bolts of your country’s smoke grenade photography Law. For example, you should know whether you can use a smoke bomb in public places. If you are allowed, what you can do and what you can’t. 

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips


#5. Coach the Model:

Coaching the model will help you avoid unpredictable incidents. Inherently, the model might not be aware of using the smoke bomb. So, before photographing, drill the guidelines into the model’s brain. For example, instruct them how to hold and move the grenade or what to do during the shot. Also, inform them about the consequences of smoking.  

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips


#6. Get An Assistant:

One of the practical smoke bomb photography tips is to get an assistant during photography. The assistant will help you and the model use the color smoke bomb. But before that, ensure he knows the smoke bomb. 

Smoke Bomb Photography ideas


#7. Suitable Lighting:

Lighting is an inseparable part of any photography. So, it would be best to emphasize proper lighting while doing Smoke Bomb Photography. For example, while photographing with a vibrant-colored smoke bomb, you should ensure suitable external lighting to portray the same color pops and skin tone in the photo. Sunlight at noon or hard light with flash can be a good light source for Smoke Bomb Photography.

Best Smoke Bomb Photography Tips


#8. Know the Weather Update:

The wind is believed to be Smoke Bomb Photography’s most destructive enemy. Therefore, try to shoot in an isolated place away from the ample wind that lets smoke blow slowly. Besides, rainwater can dump the smoke grenade. Therefore, it is wise to stay up to date with weather forecasting. 

Top Smoke Bomb Photography Tips


#9. Buy Smoke Bomb in Bulk:

You might need many smoke bombs for endless shots. A professional photographer always considers all costs and looks for useful money-saving tricks. So, explore for big sales and keep storing the smoke bomb in bulk. It will save time and money. However, don’t buy expired or lower-quality smoke bombs to save money. 

Buy Smoke Bomb in Bulk


#10. Practice Before Final Shot:

Smoke bombs last for a short moment, and you must utilize techniques to capture the photo within that time. Practice makes a man perfect. So, rehearse the shot before you jump into the main shot. Then you and the model get ready for the shot, set the camera with other settings, and trigger the smoke bomb. 

Practice Before Final Shot


#11. Consider Model’s Eligibility:

As I noted, smoke bombs are explosive, and the smoke might cause eye or throat irritation. As one of Smoke Bomb Photography Tips, I recommend not using kids or animals as models. Even don’t keep them around while photographing. However, keep only the adults as a model.

Consider Model's Eligibility


#12. Experiment with Camera Settings:

Photography is an art, and there are no hard and fast rules for artistic view. Therefore, every photographer goes with their camera settings to create a masterpiece. So, one of the smoke bomb photography tips is to experiment with different camera settings. For example, try different exposure and saturation levels with various shutter speeds. However, you should use your camera in manual mode to ensure complete control over the photography. Furthermore, it would help if you took pictures in RAW format with minimum ISO because it will help you quickly capture the smoke details.

Experiment with Camera Settings


#13. Play with Shutter Speeds:

Smoke bomb photography requires a higher shutter speed to cope with the smoke duration. However, experiments can bring out fantastic results. So, try to play with the camera’s shutter speed while accomplishing smoke bomb photography tips. Try different speeds to get the best appearance. Set the shutter speed range from 1/800 to 1/2500 or higher to capture the details with puffy smoke. While using higher speed, use a tripod to keep the camera steady. Slow down the shutter speed if you want to capture a softer, wispy look with blurry motion. 

Play with Shutter Speeds


#14. Play with Colors:

One of the fantastic Smoke Bomb Photography Tips is to play with different colors since the colorful smoke adds life to the photo. Take the color based on the concept or model’s outfit, or blend the different colors of smoke in one photo.

Play with Colors


#15. Experiment with various Objects:

If you are a newbie, I suggest you experiment with various objects as one of the Smoke Bomb Photography Tips. Though smoke bomb photography is popular for Portrait Photography, you can apply it in still life or landscape photography as an experiment. It will privilege you to think of groundbreaking things. So, don’t confine yourself to the traditional practice. Instead, give freedom to your inner creativity. 

Experiment with various Objects


#16. Photoshoot Diverse Location:

Smoke bomb photography is impressive but a bit risky in closed spaces since they are explosive. Therefore, find out the right location for the photography. Try to do photography outdoors where the wind is good, and you can do it by law. Try to do the photoshoot in an open field that will let the smoke blow beautifully. You also can shoot by the seaside to construct a blowing, easygoing vibe. Don’t photoshoot in dry grass or plants since there is a risk of fire spreading quickly. Moreover, choose a location that is crowd-free or has less crowd. 

Photoshoot Diverse Location


#17. Apply creativity in smoke:

Creativity consistently earns admiration. So, applying your fantasy to create stunning images with colorful smoke is an excellent Smoke Bomb Photography Tip. Instruct your model to move slowly, so the smoke evolves into a trail and creates a motion scene in the image. Moreover, holding the smoke bomb in hand helps create a mystery scene when the smoke covers the model. 

Apply creativity in smoke


#18. Be Aware of Inhaling:

Since the smoke bomb’s fog covers the model, it is one of the Smoke Bomb Photography Tips to make the model aware of the consequence. The model should know that inhaling the smoke can cause harm to health. Therefore, ask them to hold their breaths for several moments or cover their face if included in the pose. 

Be Aware of Inhaling


#19. Evade panic:

While doing smoke bomb photography, make everyone aware of it because some places have alarm setting for smoke or fire incident. If you don’t inform them earlier, the unexpected smoke alarm for a smoke bomb might make them panic

Evade panic


#20. Image Post-Production Service:

Only a few clicks can’t ensure a perfect photo because of different unavoidable issues. Therefore, every professional photographer uses image post-production service to make the photos stunning. Cut Out Image is one of the best Image post-production service providers. So, after clicking your photos, you also should take the service to make the photos flawless and attractive.

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips

Consideration for Right Smoke Bombs for Photography

Do you want to create excitement in your birthday photography? Then, you can include a smoke bomb in your 30th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas. By exploring, you will find many types of smoke bombs available in the market that might confuse you about which one to choose for photography. Therefore, you must consider a few facts before selecting the smoke bomb for photography. Here are those facts: 

  • Smoke’s Thickness:  You can control the photo’s visual effect using smoke of higher thickness, which can create a foggy effect on your image. 
  • Burning Time: To make a proper adjustment with several shots, you should consider the burning time of the smoke bomb. Therefore, try to pick a bomb lasting longer than one minute. 
  • Easy Activation: Different smoke bombs are available, like a ring, wire pull, lighter, etc. Try to pick the one that is manageable and secure to activate. In this case, a ring or wire pull is the best option. 
  • Unshakable Smoke Bomb: Since you need to keep the bomb closer and sometimes at hand while photographing, you should choose an incredible burning smoke bomb. Cool-burning bombs are safe because they don’t create a flame and have low temperatures. 
  • Smoke Pattern: You can get various categories of smoke bombs like grenades, sticks, cans, tubes, smoke clouds, etc., and each creates different smoke trails. So, choose according to your needs. 
  • Duration of smoke: The colorful smoke of a smoke bomb lasts for a short time, between 40 to 90 seconds. Therefore, try to take calm, burning grenade bombs that might last 90 seconds.


Significance of Smoke Bomb Photography [Smoke Bomb Photography Tips]

Smoke bomb photography adds a fun and aesthetic vibe to a photo that makes the photo alive. Nowadays, most photographers use the trend to make their photos excellent and admirable. Let’s why smoke bomb photography is significant in the digital photography world:  

  • Improve the Palette: Smoke bombs are available in different colors. Using properly mixed coloring will improve your picture’s color palette and grab viewers’ admiration. 
  • Create a magical Vibe: By using a smoke bomb, you can create a cloudy and colorful background. The subject’s appearance in a colorful cloudy smoke creates a magical scene that makes the photo unique. 
  • Excellent Background: The smoke bomb add a color pop to the photo and make the photo stunning. Besides, the color pop creates an excellent background for the picture. 
  • Describes a story: Colorful smoke bomb photography is helpful for themed portrait sessions, presenting a unique way to describe a story. They divert the focus to the subject, pose, and atmosphere to narrate the story.

Smoke Bomb Photography Tips

Smoke bomb photography is an amazing and funny technique for making a special occasion memorable. It also helps in describing the story of the picture with an aesthetic view. I have shared a bunch of Smoke Bomb Photography Tips in this blog that will help you do amazing smoke bomb photography. So, don’t delay, set out to accomplish the creative process! Share your experience with us in the comment box. 


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