Steps Towards Ghost Mannequin Photography

Steps Towards Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin photography is a creative style to present the images on the web. This is very showy style which is used for promoting product images. This 3D effect will add super natural effect to your product images and make them very amazing in looks which ultimately leads to more sales and more customers. This makes your product look professional by giving them accurate shape and size with which the customer can also visualize the product as being worn by them. Using mannequin is the distracting technique for the customers so better is use its alternative that is ghost mannequin. You must try this unique and trendy style for which steps are given below:

File Opening and Creation of Layers in Photoshop

Start the steps by opening the file in the Photoshop. You will have to open the mannequin image in the Photoshop. Afterwards select the mannequin image for creating the new background layer which will remain white. You have to label the layers which will become helpful in organizing and you can easily distinguish between all the layers.
Use selection tool to select the dress

The second step goes with the selection of the product which is to be displayed on mannequin image. Now choose your best selection tool that may be magic wand, quick selection or lasso. These three selection tool will help you in selection of the dress. You only have to choose one and go with that. One helpful advice is that use the white background as it will help you in easy removal of the mannequin because of separation of the colour between the background and the product.

Gives refinement and place the mask

The next step demands refinement of the selected product to make it nice and tight by removing the mannequin and the background. You can do it easily with the help of the refine edge tool which you will get in the select menu. Now it’s turn to click ok and of placing the mask to the layer. This step will give you the floating product which will float on the white background that you have created in the beginning. You can give clean and professional look with refinement and if you desire then you can again refine the edges and mask slightly.

Repeat the steps with the top down image

Now you have to repeat all the steps for the top down image by switching the gears. If you really want to create the clean illusion effect then you have to work on the inside out image of the product. If you do it nicely then it will give the desired mannequin effect at the end to your image. The step goes like this creation of new layer then selection of the product and at last creation and refinement of the mask.

Combine the images

This step requires the combination of the images by dragging the mask of the top down image to the real mannequin image. The both images contain tight, clean masks so dragging will be easy for you. You have to organize the images in the way that the top down image appears below the mannequin images. Now adjust the proportion smartly and make the layer perfectly fit behind the mannequin layer.

Removal of unnecessary parts of top down layer

Remove all the unnecessary parts of the layer or hide them with the help of the brush by focusing on the neckline triangle which must be between the shoulders. You can remove the string from the top down if the mannequin image is already having it. Cross check once to ensure the look is clean and is in alignment.


h4>Add shadows and save

To give the product some depth you have to add the shadows between the layers and the last job is to save the file in the Photoshop and after that you will merge or flatten all the layers together and save this image again by different file name. On completion of this final step you will be able to see the professional and real image.
So the task of detailing the step ends here now it’s time for execution of this amazing technique.

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