Reflection Shadow

Shadow Options for Purses and Handbags

Different types of shadows are there for different types of products which you can use for giving professional and effective looks to the product images. Shadows provide high quality images which is completely worthy for web. Note that various shadow types gives different effects to the product images but the decision is in your hand. […]

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Shadows for Furniture products

To display your product images like a pro you really need to take the advantage of using shadows in the images. Using shadows for the product images will prove to be the game changer which will get your more positive reviews and drive more sales to your website. Many photographers think using shadows is just […]

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5 Common Blunders in Jewelry Product Photography

Women are all about shopping and among their most liked buyable products, Jewelry holds a significant place. For e-retailers, it is immensely imperative to showcase Jewelry products in such a way that it tempts the watcher the very second they have a glance of the product. The demeanor of your product image do the maximum amount […]

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