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Features at a glance!

The listed features are just a few of many, and we are working hard to make it more simple, easy and efficient.

  • Clean - Easy & Simple CP
  • Simple Ordering System
  • Instant Price Calculation
  • Team Management
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Super Support
  • + Many more, see things under the hood!

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Cut Out Image Service Portal

Things under the hood!

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is less than half of our competitors, which starts at $0.50

Bulk Discount

You will get 5% - 15% OFF for sending 500+ Images / Month

Monthly Account

Pay when you order or you can pay us on a monthly basis if you desire

Quick Turnaround Time

24 Hours is our normal turnaround time, along with Flexible options

100% Quality Assured

We ensure 100% Satisfaction, we will provide a full refund otherwise

Invoice w/ VAT ID

Your VAT ID will automatically be added on your invoices for print use

COI Control Panel

Clean - Easy & Simple Control Panel

A user friendly control panel which is simple, clean and designed for this application.

A purposely designed, easy-to-use control panel and nice looking user interface to meet not just jobs but also to give you a new experience of the fastest and easiest way to send jobs. You can manage everything from the client area. You will be able to upload images via our integrated web-uploader. There are options for image name, size, uploading progress, quantity of images, adding images, and removing images. Of course there are other options you can select through the service category, like: Clipping Path / Cut Out, Image Masking or Image Retouching.

Instructions: If you ever feel it is bothersome to provide written instructions over emails, we are here to give you a whole new experience of using a graphical user interface along with all possible options. You can choose to have flatness on clipping paths, background options like: White, Transparent, original or original including shadow; Shadow and Manipulation Options Like: Drop Shadows, Natural Shadows, Reflection Shadows, Mirror Effect, Neck-Joint Added, Ghost Mannequin, Straight & Symmetric, Fixing Imperfections, Cropping & Resizing; File Formats like: JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, EPS, AI.

Furthermore, you will be able to manage orders, create new orders, manage quotations, create new quotations, manage invoices, manage your team members (including permission levels as you want your team members to have access to), message board, and all others personal preferences.

Simple Ordering System

Sending your images to Cut Out Image is just four simple steps away.

Step 1: (Login / Register) - Before you start uploading images, you need to Register and Login to the COI client area. Simple registration form and no credit card required! :-)

Step 2: Create New Order - After you log in, click on the Create New Order Button. Upload your images and set instructions by clicking the available options or adding an additional message.

Step 3: Pay & Submit - After you select price as per images complexity, cost will be calculated instantly. Now you can pay & submit the order.

Step 4: Download - We will notify you as soon as the deliverable is ready via email and a service portal notification. Start downloading the Completed Images using your preferred methods. You can check on the order status any time by logging into the Service Portal.

Do you need further help? Please just let us know; we will be happy to assist you.

How it works
Instant Price Calculation

Instant Price Calculation

Yes, we have designed and developed the Service Portal to maximize the flexibility and ease of use.

When you create a new order, upon selecting all the requirements or additional service you need (like Drop Shadow, Image Manipulation, Fixing Imperfections) with predefined prices, you will need to select the price for Clipping Paths per image, which will be added with the other fixed price services. There are FIVE PRICING SLABS starting from US $0.50 - US $7.00 per image with example images so you can estimate the complexity of your images. You just need to select one to proceed with when placing an order.

Of course you can see the image quantity, all the prices in breakdown amounts for each requirement, and turnaround time for your images.

Team Management

None of our competitors will give you the features to add value to your business in extension privilege preferences.

If you are an advertising agency or you have a group of people to manage your online shop, the manage team feature will surely add value to your precious time. You can invite people to join your company on Cut Out Image under the privileges you have set. Upon them joining in through an invitation, a team member (manager) will be able to create a new order for you, manage / download orders, ask for a quote, check the status of jobs, create support tickets, your account dept will be able to pay invoices, etc. depending on what you allow them to have access to.

You can manage those access levels for each individual user, and you can revoke access any time you want as well.

Easy Team Management
Payment Gateway Options

Flexible Payment Options

Convenient weekly payment plans along with various payment methods are offered!

We Accept: payments via PayPal, Payza, 2CheckOut, Payoneer, Skrill, Google Wallet including all major credit cards like: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Maestro, Switch, Delta, Visa Election (credit cards are accepted via PayPal / 2CheckOut only). Bank Wire will be a flexible option for regular clients.

Payment Form: You will be prompted to pay via any of the above mentioned methods during the time of placing an order. However, you can pay on a weekly basis if you send us jobs regularly and do not wish to pay instantly.

Super Support

A dedicated team of experts is on call, ready to assist you greatly.

We strongly believe that 'Our Success belongs to yours.' Our friendly customer support team are ready to solve your queries via email, instant message and telephone whenever you need it, 24x7x365.

COI Support

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Contact Us
  • Reg. Address: Cut Out Image, Inc.
    2035 Sunset Lake Road, Suite B-2
    Newark, Delaware 19702
    United States
  • Email: moc.egamituotuc@olleh
  • Phone Support: +1 844-447-5515
  • Call Support: Mon-Fri / 6AM-10PM (BST)
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