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Do you outsource your creative services? What exactly do you mean by outsourcing?

Let me tell you that outsourcing is a method to delegate your work to a third party and get the work done at affordable prices. If you have been debating around whether or not to outsource your agency work, here’s a detailed guide for you. At the end of this, you will be pretty clear about how outsourcing your agency work can prove fruitful for you. To make the best decision, it is important to know some things in favour of outsourcing.

Now the matter of concern is where to outsource the agency work? Well, Cut Out Image is in scene for all such needs and has earned a big clientele owing to their flawless and quality work.

Top-notch services, perfect on-the-time delivery and best prices in the town!

Is Outsourcing Beneficial to an Agency?

Yes, of course outsourcing comes with a lot of benefits for the agencies. Outsourcing the work keeps you energetic and fresh as you can focus on other things going on in your agency. While there is a lot of work to do, your energy gets drained out. In such a situation, outsourcing is a very good option. Also, you just have to communicate few things with the company and then sit back and wait for the quality results.

  • Isn’t it difficult to do the whole work on your own when you are already done for the day? Photo related tasks need time so why not outsource your work at lesser prices and still get quality work?
  • By outsourcing, you will be free to focus on your company thus putting your energy on other things. So avail the outsourcing services and always excited about your company’s work instead!

In-House Hiring or Outsource?

Okay, now let’s talk about whether you should hire an in-house expert or outsource the task. Talking about it, the major benefit of outsourcing is that you can transfer the work as per your wish. If not, keep it to yourself, do it and deliver it to the customer.

But this is not the case with in-house hiring! You have to give salary to the in-house expert on monthly basis whether or not he does the work. Obviously, the flow of work is not the same the whole year so why to pay unnecessarily to the in-house expert?

  • By outsourcing, you can avail the services of an expert for some time and when the work is done, it’s done. You don’t have to commit them for long but hiring an in-house expert will do no good. It will make you spend hundreds of dollars when you can save almost all of the money by outsourcing.
  • Get superior results by outsourcing your agency work to the experts and professionals. Cut Out Image has extensive industry experience since years, so there is no space for any flaws.

The cost involved in hiring an in-house expert is way more than the outsourcing. Why would you want to pay for a fulltime task when you can get it by hiring someone for part time?

Quality Matters

Everyone wants quality and ready to pay any cost to get premium results. Cut Out Image promises to deliver 100% superior quality results and ensure compliance. Every project completed at our end meets the benchmark set by the agency as we believe in complete satisfaction. Up-to-date methodologies and techniques are used for every type of services including flyer design, brochure design, photo editing and digital content editing etc.

While quality is important, if you feel that the work is not perfect, you can ask us for revisions and quality checks. We leave no stone unturned to satisfy your needs. Hence, the completed project is perfect and suited to your requirements.

Price Matters

Save your hard earned money by outsourcing the agency work. Build your company’s reputation even though a particular service is not offered by your agency. By saving your money, you can:

  • Hire workers when need arises.
  • Give reward to your employees and boost them to work hard.
  • Provide training sessions for the current working employees and motivate them to perform better.

Is Taking Services from Outsourcing Companies is Efficient?

Outsourcing brings in many benefits including efficiency and efficacy. You can divide the work among the third party and concentrate on other important projects of your own company. Having any issues in the agency? Is the workflow non-manageable? Not to fret! Just hire an outsourcing company and feel relieved.

Also, you can take services of the experts by outsourcing as Cut Out Image has a skilled team that work on your projects. Great!

Efficiency and value both at the same time at the low cost!

Quick Customer Support

Customer support is really important for a satisfied clientele. Here at Cut Out Image, we offer multiple support channels like email, phone calls and service portal. We have launched a new service portal for our clients to ensure proper communication and exclusive support facility.

To sum up, I would highly recommend the creative agencies to use outsourcing services. Since it will enhance the productivity, the brand value and goodwill also grow by leaps and bounds when a company like Cut Out Image is here for your assistance!

Some of Our Offered Services Listed Below

Cut Out Image (COI) offers a variety of different services, including clipping path, image cut outs, shadow making, image retouching, image masking, and web image editing. In order to get the most out of the image or picture you have taken, it may be necessary to utilize one or more of these functions. We provide with 100% hand-made cut out or clipping path service. The professionals and experts here at Cut Out Image use latest applications and their techniques like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc. Below is the list of services along with their niche services name.

Cutout / Clipping Path

Clipping Path, Contour, Cut Out, Background Remove

Image Masking

Layer Mask, Alpha-Channel Mask, Translucent Mask

Shadow Adding

Reflection Shadow, Product Shadow, Drop Shadow, Mirror Effect

Photo Retouching

Image Retouching, Photo Touch Up, Color Adjustment

Photo Manipulation

Mannequin Remove, Object Remove, Image Composition

E-Commerce Image Editing

Web-Shop Image Editing, Resizing & Cropping for Online Retailers

Our Sample Work
Image Cut Out
Clipping Path - Image Cut Out
Multi-Clipping Path
Color / Multi-Clipping Path
Clipping Path with White Background
Clipping Path with White Background
CP with Transparent Background
Clipping Path with Transparent BG
Drop Shadow
Clipping Path with Drop Shadow
Product Shadow
Clipping Path with Original Shadow
Reflection Shadow
Clipping Path with Reflection Shadow
Image Mirror Effect
Clipping Path with Mirror Effect
Layer Masking
Photoshop Layer Masking
Alpha-Channel Masking
Alpha-Channel Masking
Translucent Masking
Translucent Masking
Image Retouching / Touch-up
Image Retouching / Touch-up
Neck Joint
Clothes Neck-Joint
Mannequin Remove
Ghost Mannequin (Removal)
Crop Resize
Image Re-sizing & Cropping

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