What is Photo Background Removal?

Professional image editing is an intimidating task and not everyone has the skills to carry out this task flawlessly. And when it’s about removing background of an image, expertise and proficiency is required. Photoshop is one such software which removes the deadly backgrounds from an image. Background removal is done to enhance the image and make it look perfect in every facet. It is a tricky task especially when an image’s background is complex which cannot be edited with a single click.

What is Background Removal?

It is a process of removing background of a picture to erase the unwanted items out of it. Sometimes a picture has dark background which makes the whole picture to look dreary and dull. So in that case, you need to remove the background and replace it with some vibrant and nice background making it look exciting and happening.

Steps to Remove Background from an Image:

There are two methods with which the background can be sliced to get a fine looking image and adding some effects to enhance its look. The first method is for simple images and second one is for complex images. Peek-a-boo in the steps below:

Method 1: Rubbing out Simple Background
  1. Open the image for which you want to remove the background. This method is perfect when the image has background in single color.
  2. After this, navigate to the “Layers” window and click on the respective layer. Then, right click on the layer and click on “Layer from Background”. This selection will change the background to layer 0 making it editable and you can do the required modifications.
  3. From the toolbox, take Magic Eraser Tool under Eraser Menu. Adjust the settings as required like “tolerance” is usually set to 20-30, tick mark the Anti-alias box and contiguous box. Low tolerance is suggested as the original image doesn’t get altered much when you use the tool. Make sure to check the opacity and set it to 100%.
  4. Click on the background to delete it and you will see that the image now has transparent background.
  5. Now when it’s done, you can check the image for more adjustments by zooming in to make minor changes. It is because sometimes the whole background doesn’t get deleted in one go so you need to check it before saving it.
  6. At last, take lasso tool from the toolbox and sketch out a rough outline around the image. Press in combination with Ctrl+Shift+J and create a new layer by clicking on “New Layer via Cut”.
  7. Save the new Image.
Method 2: Deleting a Complex Background
  1. Open the image and take “Background eraser tool” from the toolbox under “Eraser tool”.
  2. Click on the brush options and set the hardness to 100%. You will find the option at the top of the window in the toolbar where arrow icon is located. Make the limits to contiguous as it will only rub out the background but not the colors of the image. Tolerance should be set to 22 as it is between 20 and 30.
  3. Now bring the mouse pointer to the area which you wish to remove and start clicking.
  4. The background will start getting erased and check board will appear on those areas making it transparent.
  5. Make sure you perfectly chalk out the unwanted background and the original image doesn’t get affected. When you are done with this, drag the mouse once finally to remove the remaining background.
  6. Lastly, to finalize the image, smudge its edges by taking smudge tool and setting its strength to 20%. Now drag it around the edge of the image to get a soft image.

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