What is Photo Cut Out?

Photo artwork is very fascinating and seems alluring to the beginners. Remarkable images can be obtained with exciting tools of Photoshop and Cut Out Image can help you achieve this. Photoshop has wonderful tools in its kitty which helps you to cut out your images from the tedious backgrounds and place them on some interesting ones. You can easily master the art of cutting images by learning how to use these basic tools.

What is Cut Out Image?

It is a process of cutting the images by selecting a part making use of Photoshop tools and saving it in a new file. Or the image can also be placed on some other background with some more images to make a fine collage by using lovely effects.

Steps to Cut Out Image From a Background:

Photoshop, being the most used and renowned designing software, offers many tools to cut out image from a background. Take a sneak-peak in the three of the most used methods to cut out an image:

Method 1: Quick Selection Tool
  1. First of all, open Photoshop on your device.
  2. Then, open the image you want to cut out from the background. Click on “Open” under “File” menu and open the desired image.
  3. Craft a duplicate layer of that image so that it doesn’t affect the original image. Selecting “duplicate layer” under the “Layer” menu will show you a pop up box. Just click “OK” and an editable layer will be created.
  4. You will see “Quick Selection Tool” in Photoshop toolbox. Take the tool and click right on the image. It will equip you to select the wanted areas of the image which needs to be cut out.
  5. Drag your mouse over the image or hold it down to map out the area which you want to cut. “Quick Selection Tool” will automatically take the to-be-cut area in the selection.
  6. Now you can deselect the extra parts by clicking on “Subtract from selection” which is present above the toolbox in horizontal area. For this, you need to click on the unnecessary areas of the image.
  7. Once when you are done, right click on the selected area and click on “Layer via Cut”. This option will slice that particular area and the picture will be positioned in fresh layer.

NOTE: When you have selected the area to be cut, you can smooth its edges to give it a refined look. For this, get on “Refine Edge” on top of the toolbox and a pop-up will appear. Fill in the required value or radius under “Edge Detection” and the selected area will get smoothen.

Method 2: Magic Wand Tool

As the name implies, it works as a magic wand. You need to be lucky enough to use this tool to select the image and extract it from the background. All you need to do is take the tool from the toolbox and click on the image. Sometimes it’s easy to scrub out the surplus parts of an image by using this tool and picking the desired image to put away in a new file.

Method 3: Polygonal Lasso Tool

It is like a pen tool wherein you need to select the image by clicking on a point and then moving further to closely together points.

  1. Grab the tool from the Photoshop toolbox.
  2. Avoid sharp edges taking closely related points by clicking on the outer parts of an image.
  3. If by mistake, wrong selection is taken, press backspace and take the selection again.
  4. Now when you arrive at the point where you first started, click there and entire area will be traced.
  5. Lastly select Inverse and click on Delete and here you get the image cut out.
Which Method We Use at Cut Out Image?

None of the above!!! We know this is astonishing we never use any of the above mentioned methods unless required by our customer. Cut Out Image is well versed with all your designing needs and you can rely on our designing experts to get your work done. We have mastered in many niches and we believe in customer satisfaction by delivering our high end services. Depending upon your requirements, our team makes use of the “Pen Tools” in which we need to take each anchor point very carefully and precisely to generate adroit results. Most satisfying results are offered by putting our best efforts and that too under your funds. Our prices are cost effective which don’t make holes in your pockets and you get perfect cut out images which don’t need any further alterations or modifications.

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