10 Interesting Ways How Instagram Can Help You In Promoting Your Business

It takes a lot more than just creating an account on Instagram, when you are doing it with a purpose to upgrade and promote your business. Online marketers have the art to showcase the richness and productivity of your website and allure more people to visit. Instagram is an epic tool to boost your sales and multiply visitations on your website.

You must be aware of the fact that Facebook has acquired Instagram few years back. It is now totally and absolutely used to promote online businesses. And I must say, it is an awesome tool to promote your business via images online. Firstly, you have to create an account at Instagram with your company’s profile information. There are countless ways that can help you in promoting your products and services at Instagram.

A New Look of Product Images:

Well, product images with boring white backgrounds, it’s something that no-one is interested in watching. For platform where you have to promote your website via imagery, there are many measures that are to be considered. You have to showcase images in an appealing form so that visitors actually stop by and check out what you have to offer. Don’t just aimlessly keep uploading images at Instagram. Use your creativity and create an impressive show. You can display the products in any format such as creating a collage or clients or employees using products or aiming at services.

Sell your products on Instragram


Ideal Way For Product Promotion:

E-commerce portals have a new product launch every now and then. Instagram can be an ideal way for grand product introduction. Instagram will allow customers to peek-a-boo in what is coming up next. In this way, the product gets a huge launch and before even it’s available in market, people are looking up for it.

Adding Value to the Images:

It is necessary to add value to your work. The best way to tangle customers is to ask questions and let people take interest in the show. You must have heard of the word “Caption”. It is basically adding some content with the image. There are multiple types of descriptions that can be tagged up with the image. You can add description about the product or service, website URL, etc. If you have a coupon site then you can also add coupon code with the image. This will encourage customers to take a detailed look at your images and will also potentially increase the proportion of visitor.

Nice Products view on instagram


Be Personal:

Now, which client will mind exploring more about the product or the company. It is a world of social relevance and people like taking interest in sub-matters. You can add images showcasing the manufacture of products. If you are dealing in online services than you can always upload images with clients or latest happenings in your office. This allows users to be more personal to you. This will also create a series of images that people will look forward for.

Portrait Your Spirit:

Another thing to understand is that it is important to show how much your employees find it gleeful being associated with you. It is also to build customer’s trust and increase fondness for your brand. With the help of candid imagery at Instagram, you can accomplish the task.

Host the Contests:

It all depends upon your creativity and how you draw attention of followers. You can also host photo contests at Instagram. Although, you cannot directly host a contest on Instagram as the features will not allow you to do so but you can do it at Statigram. Here at Statigram you can find a feed tab just like Facebook. Here you can create a collage of images and use photo gallery widget to connect back to your blog or website. If you don’t want to use Statigram for the contest, you can always use “Hashtag” and get a link back to your website by using image at Instagram.

Share Share and Share:

Sharing is the only mantra for promoting and boosting sales. Online websites are all about making optimum efforts in increasing the visitations at the site. “Hashtag” is the magic word that will help in sharing the images wherever you want. You just have to use keyword proceeded by a hashtag. It will automatically connect the keyword back to your website. The products can be of a specific line or multi-niche. You just have to add them in a nice looking image and fetch the link back to your website. It is suggested to share such images with the community that fancy same line products. It will surely add to the visitations at your website.

Other Social Media:

Linking Instagram pictures with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, etc can be of great use. Instagram can also help you in increasing the sales this way.

Theme Work:

Interesting part is to engage customers into something fascinating. Themes always work best for every platform. It also welcomes non-interested folks and pursues them to check out what you have to sell. When you add pictures in a theme, make sure that you add hashtag with every image. This will directly take the viewer to the page where they can shop for the product.

Club the Staff Together:

In context to share personalized images, you can also ask your employees to share their pictures that they take in office, just to boost the personal connection.

Images have a huge role to play while promotion of the business. You just have to make sure that you are following right strategies in order to achieve what you want. Products images can be so defined that the outlook appeals the viewers and bring them to your site. For every e-portal, imagery plays a significant role and you just have to embrace the fact so a successful business.


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