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Photography has always been an award-winning thing as no occasion is complete without it. Whether it is a regular birthday party, friends’ gossips, wedding or small get together, photography is irreplaceable. Photographers can never get short of work if they have an intense and diverse experience in what they do! Amateur photography, web store photo-shoot, e-commerce clicking or magazine shoot etc. are all a part of the photographers’ job. But do the photographers have much time to edit the photos too in the post-production phase? Well, not really.

Do you know the photographers are propitious in this case? They can hire photo editing service companies to assist them in the editing part. Though they have to spend money to get the work done, hiring a company is always a good escape to utilize that time somewhere else!

Here Cut Out Image has come up to join hands with such photographers who want to improve their photography skills. Get help from our experts as we accept raw images, tweak them in Adobe LightRoom or Photoshop and send them back to you. Quality is 100% premium when it’s about high end model or jewellery retouching.

To Take a Quick Look on What We are Capable of, Here is the List:
  • LightRoom Expert
  • Photoshop Master
  • We Accept RAW Images and Handle Any format
  • Capable of Doing High-End Model, Jewellery Retouching and Editorial
  • We Ensure Confidentiality of Images and Data (ASK TO SIGN AN NDA)
  • 24x7 Available at Clients’ Service

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing for Photographers?

You must have heard about outsourcing the work once or twice, doesn’t it sound crazy? I really cannot get this idea practical because I mean how could a photographer outsource his work to a photo editing company? Outsourcing photo editing is quite tough for the photographers but at some point, it is indeed a right choice.

We are gratified to let you know how outsourcing can benefit you in multiple ways. Take a minute out and read how.

  • The death of the business is near when you being a photographer is doing all the work including the editing. Whilst you can save this time and concentrate on other management work or brushing your skills. Spending your entire valuable time sitting in front of the computer for editing is not a wise idea. It would be much better saving this time because time has value and there is actually no point holding the business back.
  • Wouldn’t it be better to save your much higher valued time and pay to the outsourcing company to do the rest? This way, in fact, you will be saving the time!

So isn’t it good to consider outsourcing?

Can the Photographers be Carefree about the Confidentiality of Images?

Of course, Yes. Why did you become a photographer? To spend the whole time in editing or honing your skills, is it? Outsourcing your photo editing work can help you in being more creative as you can polish your mind behind the camera. Because we at Cut Out Image ensures the confidentiality factor on the top-notch, you need not worry about it at all.

We keep your images only till they are not edited and once they are done, we send back the images to you. Neither any record is there at our end of your images nor do we transfer any of the images to anyone.

Can Photographers Rely on Outsourcing?

You have spent hours in photography so doesn’t it make sense to let the photo editing experts do the deed? Create a better experience by outsourcing! 8-12 hours of editing is not at all practical for a photographer to do on his own. Yes, it takes this much of time when you have to manage the whole wedding photography to give it a remarkable look.

Just think of the interruptions that editing give throughout the whole process! Now guess what you can do in these hours other than editing.

All these hours can be utilized on sharpening your skills though…

All thanks to the outsourcing that has enabled you to connect more with the photography and not only editing. Isn’t it awesome delivering the images to the clients as soon as they expect it to be?

Check Back our Worth with Free Trial

In the package that we offer, free trial is a great option to check our credibility. No place and need for any doubts, just contact us and get a free trial.

Know what we do, why we do and how fast we do!

Sometimes clients are unsure about whether the outsourcing company is capable enough of retouching the images for different skin colors or not. Diverse regions like Asian, North American and Scandinavian etc. all need different type of effects so you can call us for free trial. Get to know our capabilities and then give us a bulk order.

Is Outsourcing Time Saving?

Yes, it is! You are busy editing the photos for 7-8 hours a day and your family is missing you. Am I right? It’s the high time when you need to outsource your photo editing. Each of our lives is filled with a lot of stuff and no one really has much time to focus on everything.

Won’t you like spending some time with your lovely family and friends? Don’t you have many hours? It’s time to count your hours and manage your work! And here Cut Out Image has delivered a brilliant performance in photo editing. Just like any other photographer, you might not like the editing.

It is ok to switch to outsourcing the editing part. Yes, it is not a big thing to do and not scary too. Let’s do it and you would be saving your ample of time and money too.

Some of Our Offered Services Listed Below

Cut Out Image (COI) offers a variety of different services, including clipping path, image cut outs, shadow making, image retouching, image masking, and web image editing. In order to get the most out of the image or picture you have taken, it may be necessary to utilize one or more of these functions. We provide with 100% hand-made cut out or clipping path service. The professionals and experts here at Cut Out Image use latest applications and their techniques like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc. Below is the list of services along with their niche services name.

Cutout / Clipping Path

Clipping Path, Contour, Cut Out, Background Remove

Image Masking

Layer Mask, Alpha-Channel Mask, Translucent Mask

Shadow Adding

Reflection Shadow, Product Shadow, Drop Shadow, Mirror Effect

Photo Retouching

Image Retouching, Photo Touch Up, Color Adjustment

Photo Manipulation

Mannequin Remove, Object Remove, Image Composition

E-Commerce Image Editing

Web-Shop Image Editing, Resizing & Cropping for Online Retailers

Our Sample Work
Image Cut Out
Clipping Path - Image Cut Out
Multi-Clipping Path
Color / Multi-Clipping Path
Clipping Path with White Background
Clipping Path with White Background
CP with Transparent Background
Clipping Path with Transparent BG
Drop Shadow
Clipping Path with Drop Shadow
Product Shadow
Clipping Path with Original Shadow
Reflection Shadow
Clipping Path with Reflection Shadow
Image Mirror Effect
Clipping Path with Mirror Effect
Layer Masking
Photoshop Layer Masking
Alpha-Channel Masking
Alpha-Channel Masking
Translucent Masking
Translucent Masking
Image Retouching / Touch-up
Image Retouching / Touch-up
Neck Joint
Clothes Neck-Joint
Mannequin Remove
Ghost Mannequin (Removal)
Crop Resize
Image Re-sizing & Cropping

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