Enhancing Amazon Product Ads With Glam Product Images

Amazon has become the highest online selling platform for numerous small scale and large scale sellers. Taking Amazon product ads in consideration, these are the highest selling ads and a perfect medium that is selected by many sellers. Images are the only medium to convince your customer for buying whatever you are selling.

Unquestionably, selling online is very competitive. You have to stand out from the crowd and give something extra to the customer so that they can leave others and pick your product for buying. That is why these days; online sellers are giving much emphasis on their product images, making them more influential.

A noteworthy element here is that there is a small description space with the product image; is it possible for you to pack every detail about the product in that small description? Well, I say, the only thing that can give full satisfaction to the customer is the product image, that can speak thousand words for it. You need to allow your pictures to convey what the product is capable of and save your energy in typing and making them understand.

This article today is about optimizing online sales with the help of Amazon product images. People who are in touch with Amazon must be aware of Amazon sponsored products. It is another promotional tool lend by Amazon to the customers that not only promote their products at the site by also bring the huge amount of sales to the sellers. It brings maximum traffic to your Amazon product page, leading to immense profit. This technique can also bring an amazing difference to your personal website that is linked with Amazon.

I am now going to pass on some suggestion that will tell you about how to ready up your product images for Amazon product ads:

Special Emphasis on Guidelines:

Every website has some protocols and so as Amazon when it is about product images. That is why it is essential to study all what is required for a product image to be listed on the advertisement. You can find a handful of guides online that will tell you about the requirements. You can also use downloadable seller’s guide which include each and every instruction in a prolonged way.

The primary rule mentioned in the guide is about the background of the product image. Every product should be photographed on plain white background. It is not necessary that you will have a professional photographer to take pictures of the products. In such case, you can take help from online editing ventures such as Cut Out Image.

For someone who is not aware of the Photoshop tricks, let me tell you that Photoshop is magic software that will convert any basic image into a perfect selling product image with few clicks. Even if you are aware of this software, you cannot sit back and use your time while clicking your mouse in every nook and corner of the image and reforming it into a professional image. That is why Cut Out Image is here for your help. You just have to free the burden by assigning the editing task of your images to this brand.

More About Amazon Image Guidelines:

Coming to the next section, product images that are used as Amazon product ads should be clear and neat. There is no room for any distraction or watermark in the image. Moreover, the image of the product has to cover maximum area of the screen. It is required that image must take at least 85% of the display window. The size of the image should be 500 pixels. This can give a magnified view of the product and the buyer can easily make the decision whether or not to buy your product.

However, taking the exact size requirement of the image at Amazon, it is suggested to have image sized 1000 x 1000 pixels. The more images are bigger and brighter, the more it will enhance the ad. Now, I am going to discuss some Infographics that will help you in assimilating the difference and which ad will look the best.

See And Pick

These three are three different types of product images listed as A, B, C. Now you have to determine the image that fits right into Amazon product image requirement list.

In the first image i.e. A, the product is quite clearly appearing in the image. This product could be a new product or it could be a used model. But when you see the image, more emphasis is given to the background, making the product look more appealing. But at the same time, this product is not according to the requirements of Amazon standards of product images. This image will be instantly rejected if applied for Amazon product ad. No wonder that the product is covering almost 85% of the screen space but because it is not imprinted on white background, it cannot be used as product image.

Second Image- As you can see the difference between the product that is used in first image and the second image. The editing is nicely done in the second image. There is complete view of the product and thanks to the right lighting; it is looking perfect as a lifestyle shot. But at the same time, this image also does not qualify for Amazon. This also goes with the same reason as the background is not plain white.

Now, in the third image, there are no distractions, the product is taking maximum area of the display screen so it is a perfect shot for Amazon product ad. This works brilliantly because when someone is looking at the image, it will give no clue to the customer whether the product is used before or not. You have to mention the details in the description but the image should be clear and attractive.

How Customers Like Amazon Product Ads Images To Be?

For every seller, it is quite important to see the product images with an eye of a customer. While you are checking out products online, whatever you feel should be served to you is exactly what every customers expects out of your images. You come across plenty of e-books and guideline articles that teach you about the product images. Well, there is only one agenda to win customer’s interest, of you happen to win yours while you are viewing the image as a customer.

Time has changed and there is a lot of competition in the market. If you really want to rule online sales, you need to work extra hard on the product images. Why I am giving maximum emphasis on the product images only? This is because of the fact that first impression is the last impression and whenever someone is going to visit your page, first thing to lure them up will be the product image. If it is distracted and taken unprofessionally, people will not spend another moment to check out the details.

So, if you need best selling images for your Amazon product ad, it is advised to take help from Cut Out Image and increase your sales massively.

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