Get your Hands on these Smartphone Apps to Manage Online Portals

Businessmen or entrepreneurs owning the huge businesses travel a lot for the meetings, events or conferences with foreign clients. Other than that, taking a break from the monotonous work schedule and heading to a long vacation is quite common. All thanks to the technology, there is no need to go to the internet cafes to check the mails or messages. Just sit back and communicate with your clients through the Smartphone apps.

Business is never closed when you are on a vacation – now you can operate your business on the phone. Isn’t it good news? Manage your online portals on the go with these 7 useful Smartphone apps and stay updated being away from the work desk:


Manage your lists and ideas while on the commute using this awesome application called Evernote. Have any ideas, whirling in your mind? Note them immediately in Evernote installed in your phone and note it down on the laptop once you get back to the office. Don’t forget the thoughts as they come to you when you have Evernote at the ease of your fingertips.


Dropbox is a catchall for all who don’t sit in the office for long. Share, store and operate the files using Dropbox app. Get an immediate notification when you receive something in the app and don’t wait to access it from your phone. Take action instantly while on the go from anywhere at any time and at any place. Give your laptop some rest and switch the phone on for file sharing.


Mailchimp is easy to use application that gives you full control over the analytics data and email lists. Send out the emails and keep track of the real time user engagement while on the drive or vacation. Get free access to the statistics when you get time as that is free for up to 2000 emails.


Yet another simple and easy to use application is Shopify. For the Shopify users, it has become easy to keep a check on the daily chores in a single click. Do the necessary settings like getting the notifications when any sales are made without signing in any big gadget like a laptop or a computer!


Send or receive payments overseas through this useful application i.e. PayPal. I love this app because it gives me an edge over managing and exchanging the payments in several currencies. Install this app on your phone if you are a regular user and transfer/receive money even when you are on the trip.


Check the sales, customer support, email subscribers, inquiries and much more through the effective use of Slack. Perhaps, it is an amazing app that allows you to communicate and monitor various aspects of your business. Think of making your phone one stop solution to analyse the website’s performance, doesn’t sound incredible?


Have your queries solved in real time, talk to your friends, colleagues, family members, clients or anyone in the entire world with Skype. Skype is a magical app that allows you to take up the meetings or real conferences at the ease of your place, wherever you are. Such a no-brainer it is!


Upwork is the best platform that justifies the saying “The early bird catches the worm”. Work or hire at this platform to give your career the desirable boost that no other platform can. Install Upwork and get immediate notifications about the new messages, job offers, applicants, etc.

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To sum it up, using these useful applications ease your life a lot as you don’t have to switch on the laptop over and again. Get a mammoth amount of value if you have these apps installed on your Smartphone as they make you a better person and an entrepreneur.

Try them all and I bet you will love them for sure!

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