Make Better Understanding on Photoshop Resolution

To be a perfect designer it’s important to understand about photo resolution.  Resolution is the number one matter in assessing an image. Today I am here to make you better understand with image resolution.

Let’s talk about how to proceed. Open an image in Photoshop and go to ‘Image’ > ‘Image Size’.

Image size in photoshop









Then you will see the following popup window below:


So many things together here but all is important. Here we need to deal with every section. We will go step by step.

Pixel Dimensions

Let’s go ahead and talk about the pixel dimensions first. Images are usually made by a simple little square. Thousands of squares make an image. Those squares stay together as like as rectangular grid with horizontal and vertical dimensions. Have a look at the image below where you can see those squares which is called ‘pixel’.

photo pixel in phoposhop

After having a look at the image above you can see, we have a width of 24 pixels and height of 20 pixels that gives us total 480 pixels (If you multiply) and that’s make up the image above.

You have seen the file size as well on popup window (Pixel Dimensions: 2.81k). Have a look at the image below to make it clearer.

pixel dimensions in photoshop

Remember this is not the physical size of any image.

Document Size:

You may want to know the physical size of an image. Or you may want to put custom resolution for an image. The excellent news is Photoshop does it for you. You just need to type the resolution into the resolution box (ppi) and then the overall print width and height will be made and showed in the document size section.  Remember one thing; keep ‘Re-sample Image’ unchecked.

pixel Dimensions in photoshop

Keep in mind two important things when you are increasing the resolution.

  1. With our smaller sized pixels image we will get smaller image sizes.
  2. And with less standard of the pixilation the image becomes clearer.     

I think now it’s time for you to know about the right resolution for viewing an image on computer devices and printed image.

For printing:

There is fixed number of resolution for images to print. And the number is 300ppi (Pixel per inch). This is the standard number resolution where those small squares themselves are not noticed individually.

For Web:

It is not that high as this was for printing resolution. The number is around 72ppi.  

Hope now you have better understand on Photoshop image resolution. Now set image sizes for both print and display.

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