5 Pros Of Using Lightroom

Photoshop was once sole stop drop for all photography editors. It has lured the credits for the longest time but when Lightroom came out, the trends started changing. The loyal users of Photoshop are still sticking to it. But we are sure that they are not aware of the advantages that Lightroom has to offer. So today, we will we will discuss 5 major pros of using Lightroom. Let’s see-

Instant Access to the Pictures-

Arranging and organizing hundreds of pictures is a tedious job. Prior to Lightroom, many photo editors have consistently complained on this niche and wanted a solution. Lightroom came out as a solution as it helps you in linking the pictures to a catalog file which only record when the amendment are made but keep them intact when they are stored; as a result of which, lot of processing power and storage space could be saved. Regardless of the number of images that you have saved in the catalog, it is matter of seconds for Lightroom to open your images and list them together for instant access.


Multiple Ways To Add Keywords-

If you have added keywords to your pictures then it becomes convenient to locate them in future. But at the same time, adding keywords could be taxing, especially when you have so much in your hands to finish. Well, this is one other aspect that makes Lightroom shine. It allows you to add keywords while you are importing the pictures. These can be added to a group of selected images or you can also do the deed with the help of painter tool. Another interesting choice is by assigning keyboard shortcuts to a set of keywords.

On Image Editing –

Unlike other editing software, Lightroom offers on image editing. This can be easily processed with the help of an arrow that appear on the image. It looks like a small circle with two arrows on it, one is above the circle and other is beneath it. This tool can be found under the Tone Curve and The HSL/Colors/B&W panels. Many local adjustments can be made with the help of this tool. You can also target specific parts of the photo. The adjustments are hence made more intuitive and efficient.

Editing Without Saving

You must have observed that while using Photoshop, you always have to save the image first before editing it. In Lightroom, you don’t have to do any such thing. They are automatically saved in your catalog’s database and do not disturb the individual photographs. Like that wasn’t enough, Lightroom also keeps a track of all the editing changes that have been made at each step of your photo. In Photoshop, this is the biggest drawback that no history is saved. Thus, Lightroom is surely powerful than P.S. in this aspect. The history is displayed in the navigation panel and it can be viewed any time you want.

Editing Video Files

The feature of video editing is also provided by Lightroom. There is no advance thing that happens here such as Adobe Premiere but it will still do a great job in bringing results.

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