Artistic ways of using Adobe Lightroom

The Adobe photoshop Lightroom offers some amazing features which are an absolute delight to the photographer and retoucher. It is most important to connect with the pictures and visualize what changes will make it more artistic and productive. Finally, use the features offered by Adobe Lightroom to give your pictures the magic touch.

  1. Smart previews

This feature is very useful for laptop users who have massive image libraries on external saving drives. With this feature, even when you are leaving home and traveling, you can effortlessly edit the pics using Smart Previews. Smart previews are smaller files and are quicker to work on than the actual resolution images. Go to Preferences- Choose performance. Select the option Use smart preferences instead of originals for image editing. Now your creativity can be unleashed even when you are on the run or when opening the larger files is an issue.


  1. Compare the groups of photographs

If you are working on several similar images, click the shortcut key N to bring in the survey mode. All images appear together in the main window and you can view them all together. Pick the images which look the best and use your creativity to bring out the best in them.


  1. Clipping

When shadow and highlight detail is lost in post production, editing or due to under exposure or over exposure, it is known as clipping. Losing out the shadow detail makes the image lose its originality. Press the letter J in the Develop module. Alternatively, click the small triangles in the upper corners of the Histogram to switch on the feature.


The red areas reflect the loss of highlight while the blue areas show the areas where the shadows will be gone.

  1. Cropping

The crop mode is enabled by entering the R key on the keyboard in the Develop module. You can add a creative tinge to your imagery by using the vast option of crop overlays.

Once you enter the crop mode, press 0 on the keyboard to transit through the varied crop options. These grids offer tremendous ideas to crop your image. You can draw the viewer’s eye by placing the key areas of the photos on the intersection of the line.


  1. Fade the lightroom presets

What if we apply the presets lightly to bring about a subtle effect? Let’s see how we can apply it dimly like a layer in Photoshop.

The Fader is a lightroom plugin that will bring about the effect. Download the plugin and install it. FileÞ Plug-In manager.



Once our plugin is installed, go to FileÞPlug-In ExtrasÞThe Fader. Select the preset from the drop-down menu. Use the opacity slider to control the amount of preset to be applied.

  1. Create your own default settings and presets

There is no particular rule to apply creative effects to an image. So if you apply the same default settings in the Develop module, you can make them the default settings. So you can apply your own default settings while working on the images. Once you have applied a setting to an image, hold the alt key, which changes the Reset button to a set default button and click Update to current settings.


If you follow your unique style, save them as presets. First, edit an image and click on the + icon on the top left-hand corner of your screen. Tick all Develop settings, give it a name, and select OK. Note:Do not include exposure and white balance settings in the preset.

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