7 Must-Dos for a Successful Online Webshop

Setting up an online shop is an easy thing to do with the online service providers like Shopify, Magento and Tictail. But is it really going to bring a lot of visitors to your website after just a simple set up? Of course, not!

Creating an online webshop is not a challenge but getting genuine customers is. With the increasing trend of online portals, it has become essential to create one if you want to earn some extra bucks. Here goes the list of 7 killer tips that will make your webshop successful and stand out from the crowd:

Nice Design

A good web design has a lot to do with the number of people who browse your website. It is always about visual presentation as people get attracted towards a good looking website over the lousy one. The business gets a boost when the website serves as an eye candy to the visitors. For a nice website, you can either hire a web designer or choose some beautiful theme available online. Sharp designs, clean layouts and the latest trends like responsive web design and flat UI make the website look stunning. Add as less text as possible and put full width images on the website!

Remarkable Customer Support

Customer support holds a great importance when you have an online shop. People like to connect with you to solve their product related queries. Live chat support is the new feature that every webshop owner is adopting to interact with their customers and solve their queries. During the working hours, you can give answers to the questions of your customers and satisfy them before they make a purchase. Also, after the purchase, assist them on the usage of the product if they find it difficult. Having a remarkable customer support invites more people and increases the conversion rate.

Detailed Product Reviews

Product descriptions and reviews do a lot good for your webshop as people tend to find the products more reliable. Product reviews help the customer whether or not to buy the product. Also, you can keep the facility for the previous customers to share their experiences with the particular product. According to some studies, with the product reviews, 18% increase in sales and 58% increase in the customers has been seen.

Quality Images

Online shops are much like land stores where people can view the product from every angle if you put the quality product images shot from every possible angle. It gives a detailed view to the customer and they can view the product from every angle to be sure of the purchase. No one buys the product without a quality image as the images help them to visualize the product personally.

Secure Payment Methods

Everyone who shops online wants to be secured of the payment methods the website is using to take the payments. Always choose the right payment gateways and methods like credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and e-wallet payments etc. Also, to win the customers’ interest, you have to offer the money back or refund facility if they don’t like the product. Almost every reputed website these days provide this facility which is why people feel secure about online shopping.

Easy Checkout

The most annoying part of the online stores is that the checkout pages are a huge mess. You need to sign up, fill in your details, and get stuck only with the one payment method. To help make the checkout easy, avoid trapping the customer in these unnecessary things and offer him the easiest checkout that he will admire for long.

Easy Navigation

People don’t really like the idea of getting lost in the products due to unorganized manner of categories and subcategories. Add the filter option so that they can narrow down their search to the particular product category and make a quick purchase. Make the navigation experience pleasant as it will help in getting the genuine and reliable customers towards your portal.

Well Maintained Blog

Last on my list is the frequently updated blog page on the website. Try to keep the customers hooked by interacting with them. Write down the latest launches, new arrivals or the best selling products of your website and tell the customers how your website sets an exceptional benchmark as compared to others. Keeping in mind the needs of the audience is more important so as to gain their attention and lifelong clientele.

Also, with offering the content you can target the search rankings by adding the potential keywords. Give away such a commendable content that people share it on their social media network which will in turn, bring you more customers.

Join this race and nail the top position in the best ecommerce portals. Good luck!

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