Background Removal Services Using Adobe Photoshop

For e-commerce purposes, an image should be perfect. The picture should not have any extra elements or an unwanted background that makes it look awkward. Photo cut out techniques can be used to edit images from their unsightly backdrops. These processes are used by professionals in marketing and online services who want to display their items for e-commerce activities.

Photoshop cut out services

Photoshop has some advanced and efficient tools that can be used to transform simple images into high-quality ones. Photo editors must be adept and experienced in ascertaining which tools must be applied for a particular image editing requirement. They manually edit each and every image even if it involves bulk-editing of hundreds of images. The old background is removed and replaced with a better background while restoring other important details. Other touchups like color correction, shadow addition, and neck joint services are applied if necessary. This meticulous editing brings out amazing results as the product images look perfect for showcasing on online portals and other advertising mediums.

The cut-out technique that photo editors specialize in:

  • Detaching the foreground image from the background
  • Changing the backdrop
  • Adding a white/ colored or a transparent background
  • Changing some elements in the image

Removing the background

Clipping path and photo masking are two popular image processing techniques for removing the background of an image. There are several enhancements that are done to an image, in addition to the background removal. Clipping path is applied to hard-edged objects that have well-defined corners and borders. The pen tool from Photoshop is selected to draw a precise and clean outline of the product and then detached from the image. Photo masking, however, is a more complex technique and is used for images that have fuzzy, hairy, and transparent edges. So instead of isolating the unwanted elements of the image by outlining them, certain portions of the images are masked or hidden.

Where are background removal techniques applied

Background removal techniques are used in the fashion, apparel, food, furniture, jewelry and other industry verticals, where the product display is crucial. Advertising agencies that build product portfolios and e-commerce stores require image processing services avail Photoshop background removal services.

The clipping path services that a photo editing expert provides are:

  • Simple clipping path
  • Moderate clipping path
  • Complex clipping path
  • Basic clipping path
  • Clipping path with other enhancement techniques

The photomasking techniques offered are:

  • Alpha channel masking
  • Photoshop layer masking
  • Translucent layer masking
  • Hair masking
  • Advanced layer masking
  • Complex layer masking


Background removal services using the Photoshop tools and techniques can enhance your images and make them more marketable. There are specialized clipping path editors who enrich your images using the most advanced image processing tools. Yet, the image looks absolutely realistic and natural. There is no trace of editing on the image. The best photo editing experts provide great editing services at quick turnaround times.

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