Cut out the Complex Backgrounds with Image Masking

Product catalogues, brochures and magazines have been in trend since few years. It takes quite a lot of effort to design these as there is a need for stunning images to appeal the eyes of the viewers. To add that oomph factor, image masking comes in scene as with its use, you can cut out the complex backgrounds and make the subject look focussed. Usually, for brochures, magazines and catalogues, image masking is a perfect service because you just cannot add the images with distracted or the white backgrounds.

It is important to add images with transparent backgrounds so as to make sure that the viewers feel connected and keep their focus on the subject only. So image masking helps in removing the complex backgrounds where clipping path is not applicable. Masking works on the furry, hairy or semi transparent things like smoke, feathers, light, chiffon, fire flames etc.

Is it Possible to Isolate the backgrounds?

Yes, of course, it is possible. Cutting out the most difficult images from the backgrounds is possible with image masking. Although it is not an easy thing to do, yet with image masking you can do it flawlessly. As you may know, removing the backgrounds is quite an annoying thing because even after so much of perfection, you leave something behind that ruins the appearance of the whole picture. To deal with that, Image masking relieves you by giving the privilege to extract out the complex images from their backgrounds.

No denying that, there might be some complexities or fine details in the images which are hard to extract using background removal tools in Photoshop. But with Photoshop, it is now easy to cut out the image with ease as well as keep the results natural.

Image Masking Techniques

Image masking is altogether a different concept than cut out image and so it has its own techniques as well. Here goes the list:

  • Alpha channel masking
  • Collage masking
  • Transparency masking
  • Translucent masking
  • Advanced masking

To bring out the composite image with clean edges, image masking technique works wonders. Among all the above methods, alpha channel masking is the most commonly used technique to remove the most challenging backgrounds of the image. The results are mind blowing and so is the reason why it is the most used method across the world. The photographers or image editing experts use their skills while applying the image masking technique in a bid to get the results in a perfect fashion.


As already said, image masking is used widely where utmost perfection is required i.e. catalogues, brochures, magazines etc. Cutting out the complex images is possible with the use of lasso tool, pen tool, magic eraser tool, background eraser tool along with the combination of masking tools. Creating ads, banners, customized backgrounds, magazine covers, adding shadows that blend well with the image edges, are all done with the help of image masking service. Want to try it? Go ahead and achieve the desired outcomes.

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