E-Commerce Product Photography Lesson 1: Understanding The Magnitude


E-Commerce websites that are launching in the year 2015 have one thing in common: Glinting Product Photography. There is no denying to the fact that customer these days give preference to the websites that have tidy and gleaming outlook of product images. Trends of current times say that visual imagery has been given surpassed importance than any other thing.

However, not many e-retailers takes it considerably but poor product photography is causing a lot of damage to your site. Given the trend of 2015, I would say that if you have not been giving much emphasis on this facet of e-business then you really should begin doing so. I would like to put forward some aspects that will help you in understanding the magnitude of this niche:

Escalating Competition

Customers have one agenda and that is to shop from the site that is offering them best benefits. Although, there are many existing businesses that are doing the job fine yet with every passing day, more and more websites are launching with its offerings. Regardless of what you are offering, you will find countless other retailers with same kind of offerings in the online market. There are renowned sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc that are making the survival of newbie website holders even difficult.

Ecommerce Competition

Now, coming back to our topic, People invest their time in sites that have delightful and eye-alluring visual imagery. After best discounts, this is the only thing that entices a customer. Regardless of the market you are targeting, to survive in the market, you need to work a lot on product photography. To survive in this lethal competitive time, you must take product photography lot seriously then you have ever taken it.

Mobile Shoppers

Undeniably, the digital marketing industry has seen potential growth after associating with mobile phones. Today, it is said that people carry the world in their pockets and this slang refers the mobile phones. It has become difficult for online businesses to fulfill the blooming needs of customers. Technology is emerging itself with every passing second so you have to match the momentum. Customers from all over the world keep browsing aimlessly on multiple sites.

Online Shopping

Content cannot captivate customer’s attention which lead product photography to accomplish the deed. It is the first knock that grabs the attention of passerby and allures them to the level that they have to dig into the further demonstration of the product. With the help of professional photography, you can make the outlook of your product images as heavenly and most enchanting for the customers.

Social Media

Ecommerce Social Media Network

Crawling into the last level of today’s niche, I would like to present you another facet called Social Media. It might be perplexing for you to understand how Social Media and Product Photography relate to one another. Well, here is a brief explanation for that. Social media is to market your niche to offerings to an extent where people visit your website and eventually bring you business. Trends in social media include multiple things. The visual presentation can bring you much more business than wordy content. Portals like Instagram and Pinterest where people post their product images happen to fetch you more business than other content based portals. So, unique, tidy and distinctive product photography is also equally significant for Social Media purposes.


After our first chapter, I would recommend you to understand the significance because this is the present and flourishing future of e-market. Trends are changing with every passing second and it is always recommended to walk with trends, hand in hand. I will see you at Lesson 2 where you will learn various types and aspects in Product Photography.


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