eBay Imagery Ethos: Some Points To Assimilate

eBay Imagery Ethos: Some Points To Assimilate

eBay Image Listing Guideline

A very well known fact about heavy online selling is that high ranking websites can bring more benefit to your business. When we are talking about the ruling e-commerce brands, Ebay is the one that blinks in our mind spontaneously. To list your products at Ebay is taking one step ahead towards the success of your business. Today, I will give you an insight of some major aspects that you need to know while delivering product images at Ebay.

  • Obligatory Images For Listings: There was a time when listing without images was acceptable but now, as per latest updates, it have been completely abandoned. You might be offering services or the products that cannot be photographed. In that case you can seek help from internet and find out free images that can be accompanied with the service.
  • Minimum Size Of The Image: The pictures for Ebay have some standard size to be followed while you design and edit them. As per the requirement, the minimum picture size is 500 pixels for the longest side. While you edit pictures for Ebay, you have to take the size in considerable account. While you make certain camera adjustment s like setting default as high or medium photo quality, you can ensure optimum quality pictures. (Click Here to educate yourself about the photo size with the help of this demo video)
  • No Image Frames: Ebay photo center doesn’t allow you to use pictures with any kind of borders or frames. It can only be permissible if there is a natural border around the product with a very neutral color background.
  • Policies for Watermark: Taking photos for Ebay is nothing complex if you follow few necessary guidelines. Watermark being an important part of stock images, here are the guidelines about watermarked images. As such, pictures on Ebay are allowed to have watermarked only if you are doing it for provenance and to mention possession of images by your brand. No promotion stunts are allowed via the images such as any sort of specific details or customer policies. Rules for watermark are:
  1. It should not be more than 5% of the image
  2. The opacity of the watermark should be 50% so that there is complete transparency for the product.
  3. You are not permitted to insert any link in the watermark.

To ensure that your watermark is as per the standards defined and is not hampering the standards of Ebay pictures, you can use Ebay watermark creation service. The option can be located at listing form section by the name of “Bring your item to life with pictures”.

  • Keeping The Images Clear With Text and Graphics: Any kind of text usage or graphical imagery on the photos is constrained. Pictures on Ebay should be clear from any logo usage or quotes. Anything that is mandatory to be tagged along-with the picture should first be placed in the title, subtitle and item description section of the product.
  • Usage Of Stock Photos For New Items: The pictures that are already used for any formerly listed product cannot be used for new product. Catalog images are permitted to be used but in that case as well, you are not allowed to make those pictures as the primary image of the new product. The exemptions are given only in the case of books, video games, movies, videos, etc. categories. However it is recommended to come up with a unique picture for brand new product.
  • Facilitating The Feature of Enlargement: Perfect resolution images can enjoy the advantage of free feature of zoom or enlarge as soon as the view item button is enabled. For recommended dimensions of the images, you can use 800-1600 pixels on the longest side. Any image that does not follow the criteria cannot take advantage of enlargement feature.

Taking Ebay photos are quite simple for the photographers that are well aware of the set of standards to be followed. For any kind of assistance, you can also use Ebay photo equipment. So, to set your products on the world’s leading platform, you now know the mandatory facets.

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